Tips On Picking The Right Pillow For Optimal Sleep And Comfort

Tips on Picking the Right Pillow For Optimal Sleep and Comfort

September 27, 2016
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There’s nothing like crashing into your bed and resting your head on a comfy pillow after a long exhausting day of work. But people are like snowflakes, and no two are quite the same. Some people need several pillows in order to fall asleep, while some people only need one or none. There are a lot of different types of pillows to choose from, too. They come in a variety of sizes, softness, shapes and fill types. So how do you pick the right pillow for optimal sleep, support, and comfort? Use the following considerations, tips, and advice to make sure you pick the best pillow to suit your individual needs.


A lot of poor, unfortunate souls suffer from allergies, which can drastically influence which type of pillow is best for you. The definition of “hypoallergenic” means that it’s “relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.” for most people that use of a product, in our case hypoallergenic pillows.  In the pillow business this term is used very loosely and the term is NOT regulated. So it is important to proceed with caution when purchasing a “hypoallergenic” pillow. A person needs to not only consider the fill substances, but also the outer casing / fabrication of the product. It is important to realize nearly everyone of these products are not “allergy proof” nor are they resistant to accumulation of allergens.

A few popular hypoallergenic pillows that market under the common term “hypoallergenic pillow” is latex and feather pillows.Something many may not be aware of  is that most down and feather pillows have been processed and cleaned in such as way to mitigate most related irritations by eliminating the dust, dirt, dander, and impurities from feathers that can cause allergic responses. Nevertheless, some people are still allergic to them, even after the fillings have undergone such intense processing. Some companies have return policies put in place by manufacturers that are rarely but sometimes exercised by people that have allergic responses.

Another choice is natural latex rubber which is best known for its ability to naturally wick away warm moisture that can act as a breeding ground for dust-mites and mold. Other choices like wool, silk and synthetic down alternative filled pillows can also be good alternatives, but have a tendency to settle and compress at a faster rate and don’t always fluff back to original shape. Regardless of which you select, it’s a smart choice to select a hypo-allergenic pillow because it is usually the safest choice for the majority of allergy sufferers.

Sleeping Style

Firmness and height of the pillow is also a consideration and is specifically important relative to sleep positions.There are many ways to sleep, and your sleeping style will influence the type of pillow you want. For instance, if you sleep in the prone position (on your stomach face down), you will likely want a lower profile softer pillow to cradle your face.

Conversely, if you sleep in the supine position (lying horizontally on your back with the face and torso facing up) you will likely want a firmer pillow thick enough to fill gap to support the back of your head as well as your neck without pushing the chin forward into the chest. Side sleepers especially those with broad shoulder can find comfort and better support with high profile pillows with medium to firm support.

Past Injuries and Comfortability

Tips On Picking The Right Pillow For Optimal Sleep And ComfortYou will also want to think about any past acute or chronic injuries you have sustained. For many who have suffered chronic neck pain or acute neck injuries, soft pillows don’t give them the support they need, causing them to wake up with stiff necks and shoulders. There are a multitude of different types of injuries that will influence what type of pillow you need.

Also, it should be noted that the type of pillow you use may change depending on your health. If you have recently suffered a head injury that needed medical attention, you may need to buy a softer pillow to accommodate your condition. In case of head and neck injuries, you will likely want to consider using a memory foam pillow, since they can support and cradle the neck by relieving pressure points better than feather pillows.

Environmental Concerns

Some people live a religiously green lifestyle, and only sleep on organic mattresses. In addition, some people have sworn off of using any type of animal product for their own personal reasons. If this sounds like you, then obviously you’re going to want to avoid pillows that use feathers or down. Furthermore, some people opt for latex pillows because they are more environmentally friendly than some of the other alternatives like foam, gel foam, and memory foams that are petroleum based and made from questionable and concerning chemicals.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right pillow is as important as finding the right mattress. We spend nearly a  minimum of twenty five percent  to thirty three percent of our lives sleeping, so you need to make sure you are as comfortable as possible to get the best rest and support. If you regularly wake up with a stiff neck and shoulders, it may be past time to look for a new pillow.