Mattresses inside of your vehicle. Safer than when you tie them down to your car roof.

Tie Down The Mattress

June 25, 2012
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Hey, Please Tie Down The Mattress

Perhaps you just purchased a new mattress and need to get it home. Maybe you’re getting ready to move into a new home or you’re off to college. Whatever your situation you need to move that monstrosity we call a bed… What? You don’t have a pickup truck? How in the world are you going to move or haul your mattress without a pickup truck and do it for minimal cost? Perhaps you have pondered the idea of placing it on the roof of your car? While many people do it the real challenge is keeping it on there until it reaches its final destination. While this may seem silly the most important and biggest challenge people face is how to tie down the Mattress onto their vehicle.

Is hauling your mattress on the car roof safe?

YouTube is full of videos with mattresses hanging on literally by strings. Mattresses that are not tied down firmly with ropes or ratchet straps to the vehicle can fly above it and hover like a kid’s kite. While it may look entertaining and even funny, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a mattress that breaks loose at 60, 40, or even 20 MPH. Mattresses are big and heavy and having one come loose from a motorized vehicle is no laughing matter. King size mattresses can weigh up to 200 pounds and measure 76 x 80. This is not something I would want to see coming at me at any speed. God forbid there would be friends or family in the car with me.

The liabilities of having a mattress fly off your car.

As crazy as it may sound these large flying objects can do thousands of dollars of damage to other vehicles. One way is in the form of impact. So what some say, maybe it doesn’t hit any vehicles, but the chances that it will end up causing a car or SUV to swerve and miss it at the least or the worst cause a multi-car accident with injuries or fatalities.

There are safe and cheap ways to move a mattress.

Our suggestion is to protect yourself from unnecessary liability. The old saying about risk vs. reward definitely applies here. While it may be cheap to put a mattress on top of a car and move it yourself, replacing expensive mattresses could be the least of your problems if the thing were to come loose. There are safe and cheap ways to move a mattress. Furniture and mattress stores usually offer delivery for less than $80.00. Renting a pickup from a place like Home Depot can be as little as $25.00. Trailers and moving vans while they may cost a little bit more can protect your bed from the elements and protect innocent pedestrians and the vehicles from your “frugalness” Last but least offer a friend, coworker, or relative a favor or gas money to help you out of your mattress moving situation.

While I personally witnessed many mattresses leave our store on top of a vehicle, I really do believe there are better and safer ways to transport these big bulky bedroom accessories. Personally, I know that if someone else’s family member was injured/killed or their vehicle was damaged due to my negligence to properly and safely move my bed I would be beside myself with the regret. So while I know this won’t stop people from tying mattresses onto cars I ask that you consider another way that is safe to transport your mattress and if you must put it on the roof of your car Please Tie Down The Mattress securely with a strong rope or use heavy-duty ratchet straps.