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STLBeds Suggestion Box

March 2, 2009
About Us

Thank you for contributing to the growth of our STLBeds web site. Daily we receive more and more of your emails offering suggestions and asking us great questions about how we could and should make this web site better and we are listening and learning. The most recent email I received suggested that we put up a, ready for this?

A Suggestion Box

Imagine how dumb we felt when we overlooked such an obvious and great idea. So here it is St. Louis Missouri and the world, your opportunity to help us give you all the information you need, want, and have to have concerning Bedroom Sets, Organic Mattresses, and Waterbeds or anything and everything else needed to properly furnish the bedroom or bedrooms in your house.

The rules are simple nothing is off limits, however

  1. No slander
  2. No vulgar comments

We will not edit misspellings, comments, or questions. This is your platform to tell us what we can do to make your web browsing an easier and faster experience so you can obtain the information you are looking for.

  • What products would you like to see us carry?
  • What can’t you find?
  • Do we have a mistake that needs to be corrected?
  • Do you want to see more pictures or are they loading to slow?
  • Did we do something wrong?
  • Not enough information?


Hope everyone likes the new suggestion box and we hope you will post your ideas, thoughts, and comments below. If you would prefer not to go public you can Contact Us or call 636-296-8540.

Whether you live in the Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, or Arkansas, you must make the trip. If you are looking for the most diverse selection of mattresses anywhere to be found we encourage you to make the trip. We know it will be worth your time and your effort. We are the most complete mattress store with a place to try it before you buy it. (Not just Pictures of Mattresses) Don’t forget that we offer the very best and most competitive prices around.