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Stained Mattress Can Cost You More Than Cleaning Bill

December 3, 2010
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Seriously, stain my mattress void my warranty?

There is a harsh reality that many people don’t find out about until it is too late to do anything about it. Mattress manufacturers have become very strict on what they will and won’t cover when it comes to stains and marks on a bed.  So are we simply saying that if your mattress gets a little something on it you’re simply S.O.L.? Well to be honest with many  bedding companies that very well may be what you can expect.

Have warranties always been like this?

No this has not always been the way warranties were handled by manufacturers. Most had guidelines for mattress stains but nothing to the degree that we so often read and hear about today. Back in the day the idea was to protect the people that would be handling the mattress delivery people, factory inspectors, etc. from the potential health risk involved in handling such mattresses. In the day stains implied and meant blood, urine, and other bodily fluids and to be honest who could blame them. Frankly somewhere between then and now something went crazy. Today it is not uncommon that if  you have so much as a mark, scrape, scuff, or smudge on your mattress that the mattress builders will deny even a legitimate claim, even for something like a 2 inch body impression. Websites, forums, and blogs all tell the same stories of rejected indisputable warranty claims due to an inch or two long mark that was caused while moving a mattress or handling it. Perhaps a coffee spot, or dye from a set of sheets that bled. The fact is these kind of marks won’t hurt anyone; a two inch body impression is a definite mattress problem that causes  terrible discomfort and sleepless nights for a mattress owner yet a smudge or a spot of coffee is reason enough for warranty rejection.

What can I do to protect myself in the case of a warranty claim?

Use a waterproof mattress protector. They are cheaply priced, easy to install, and it will cover your mattress and your rear in the case of a mattress warranty claim. Some companies offer applied stain protector packages that will waterproof and stain protect your mattress. Many even guarantee mattress replacement or cleaning  in the event of an accidental stain. Whatever you choose to do about it is up to you. Know this, you can expect to be denied for a warranty claim if your mattress becomes soiled or unsanitary at any time. Warranty rules are made by the manufacturers and we have to play by their rules. In addition retail companies that offer comfort guarantees usually work the same way so be cautious and don’t wait until and accident happens to protect your investment.