Split Full Size Box Spring Or Foundation

Split Full Size Box Spring Or Foundation

July 7, 2012
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When Might You Need A Split Full Box Spring

If you are moving into that new house, apartment, or loft and you find out the hard way a standard whole box spring will not fit. This is a frustrating moment the box spring or foundation is either much too large to fit up the staircase or will not make a tight corner. Perhaps it won’t clear an overhang or make it through a tight doorway. Whatever your problem there is a solution – the Split Full-Size Box Spring or Foundation.

Check Out This Video About Split Box Springs

What is a Split Full-Size Box Spring or Foundation? Virtually every mattress manufacturer makes their full-size boxsprings in one piece, but for those hard to get into spots they came up with a great idea split the base in half and make it more mobile. Full-size foundations or boxsprings normally measure 54 x 75.

Split Full-Size Box Spring Or Foundations Come 2 Different Versions

Split Full Box Spring Or Foundation Measurements

  • Split Full Boxspring Foundation 27 x 74.5 The split runs the length of the bed from headboard to footboard.
  • Split Full Boxspring Foundation 54 x 37.5 The split runs across the bed from side to side.

Both base systems mentioned above should be used with center support regardless if the original base foundation had none. The low-cost center support is an available option for split full, additionally, they are actually quite common for the other split sizes like a split queen and split king.

Is A Split Full Boxspring Foundation A Special Order Item?

Generally speaking yes, most furniture and mattress retailers keep the regular full size and low profile full size in stock, but this odd size is rarely asked for and often costs more making them less competitive when going up against aggressively priced competitors. When shopping people try to keep the cost to a minimum and unfortunately these types of support bases can add anywhere from $50 -$100 more to the base cost of a foundation or box spring not to mention they may take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks to order in.

Plan Ahead Before Buying A New Full-Size Mattress And Boxspring

Perhaps you don’t know where you will be living in the coming weeks, months, or years and you are about to purchase a new full-size mattress set, think about the various problems like mattresses not fitting up a stairway and weigh the idea of going ahead and getting a Split Full-Size Box Spring or Foundation it may only cost you a few more dollars now and a lot less frustration, time, and money at a time when you don’t need it moving day.

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