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Splicer Bar For Glideaway Frame

September 1, 2011
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Do you sell a Splicer bar for a Glideaway bed frame?

Recently we have had many more inquiries than we can count about a so called splicer bar for  Glideaway frames. After talking with several industry veterans to see if they might know what the intent of searchers might be looking for we came up empty. Of course we found nothing in our Glideaway parts catalog that goes by that  name, so we finally decided to call Glide Away directly to see what people might be looking for. So we asked them about a splicer bar for a Glide Away Bed Frame whether they carried one and if not might they know what our consumers might be asking for in this odd search query?  They acknowledged that a part by the name “Splice Bar” did not exist in their product lineup, they did mention several products they believed consumers might be shopping for that  would most likely fit the bill.

Splicer Bars to Extend Bed Frames

While many frames can be converted into different sizes most can only go up or down to the next size and there are many many exceptions because every frame is different. While king size bed frames usually have include with them and extending section it is usually not offered as an item that can be purchased years down the road. An after market Splicer Bar as some call it doesn’t seem to exist by Glideaway, Mantua, Leggett & Platt® that we have been able to locate. While some bed frames are Universal bed frames meaning they are universally designed and make into multiple sizes. They are often weak and to our knowledge  replacements  or aftermarket parts are non existent. However there are good frames that will do some of the most common conversions asked for and are as follows:

Making a Queen Frame into a King size

While this is commonly asked for there is to my knowledge no optional accessory, universal part extender, or splice being sold aftermarket. The idea of such an extender would be to add 16 inches  of width to a queen bed frame when completed changing it into king. A person can only purchase a king size bed frame like Glideaway’s 44RR.

Making Full Size Frame into a Queen Bed Frame

This is one of the most common frames to convert, taking a full size frame and changing it into a queen size. The reason this is so easy is because there is only 6 inches difference in width. Usually an additional set of notched key hole slots are in the cross arm of the frame making it as simple as slipping the rivet pins into the opposing cross arm notched key hole slots  . NOTE: Be sure and purchase an optional center support with feet that will meet the requirements set forth by mattress manufacturers who say the bed frame much have center support with at least a leg supporting the middle. WSilver makes a support called a FCS001 which can not only be used as a support for a queen but adjusted to act as a center support for full size in the case of heavier people.

Converting a Twin Bed Frame into a Full size

Most every twin size bed frame makes into a full size bed frame. Some will convert to queen as well but would require addition center support as previously mentioned.

Using Full Size Frame with a Queen size headboard

This is a topic we covered earlier in the article Queen Headboard with Full size Mattress & Full Size Frame?

Queen Size Headboard and Footboard with Full Size Mattress and Hook in Bed Frame

CV1L Conversion Frame is best for this application and is made by Glideaway

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