What Does Your Sleep Position Reveal About Your Personality?

What Does Your Sleep Position Reveal About Your Personality?

March 13, 2017
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Have you even wondered why people find it more comfortable to sleep in a certain position for the best rest and revitalization overnight? Sleep experts at The Sleep Better Council have determined that your sleeping position is directly linked to your personality.

The three main sleep positions are a back sleeper, a side sleeper and a stomach sleeper. However, each of these three has many variations available and is specific to each individual.

Fetus Position

This is the preferred sleep position of 41% of people. It is sleeping on one side or the other in a curled up manner like a fetus in the womb. The hands are near your face and your knees are bent. This is the most popular position to sleep and women are twice as likely as men to adopt this position. Fetus position sleepers have a very tough exterior that hides their sensitive interior and big heart. They seem to be shy when you first meet them but then they warm up very quickly.

Log Position

This is another variation of the side sleeper. It is characterized by sleeping on either side with both arms and both legs fully extended downward and straight. The log position sleepers are very easy-going and really a social butterfly. They are very trusting of others and sometimes may be too gullible. The sleep study reports that 15% of people sleep in this manner.

Yearner Position

This side sleeper variation sleeps with their legs fully extended downward as in the log position; however, their arms are both extended in front of the body near the shoulder height. About 13% of people sleep in the yearner position. A yearner is notably very open minded but still very cynical. They are suspicious and extremely stubborn to stick to any decision they have made.

Soldier Position

This is a back sleeper position. They lie on their back with their hands close to the body and legs fully extended downward. Some turn their toes inward to each other and some turn them slightly outward. The study found 8% of people sleep in this manner. It shows that they are very quiet and reserved humans who don’t make a big fuss about anything. They hold themselves and others to a very high standard. Soldier sleepers also tend to snore because of lying on their backs and this can lead to a less restful night’s sleep.

Freefall Position

The freefall position is a stomach sleeper. They lie on their stomachs with their arms upward and either on the pillow or under the pillow. Their head can be turned to either side. The sleep study found that 7% of people sleep like this. A freefall position sleeper is said to be brash, very outgoing and they cannot take criticism very well.

Starfish Position

The starfish position is a back sleeper. They sleep on their backs with their legs full extended downward. Both hands are near their head or pillow. The sleep study found 5% of people sleep in the starfish position. They are said to be very good listeners, very helpful to others, but they are extremely uncomfortable with being the center of attention even for a short time. Starfish sleepers are likely to snore and get the poorest night’s rest of all the different sleep positions.

Getting a More Restful Night’s Sleep

Side sleepers in all variations get the best rest of all the sleep positions. If you happen to have a sore back, back injury or other reason for back pain, you can place a soft pillow that conforms to your body between your knees. The Organic Contour Latex Pillow has a concave area in the middle to make it the perfect companion for your knees and to alleviate back pain.

Back sleepers may experience lower back pain if their mattress isn’t firm enough. It helps to upgrade to a luxury mattress that is more firm than your current one or to place an additional pillow, such as the ECO Memory Foam Crown Classic Pillow underneath both legs at your knee height. This will keep your back better aligned as you sleep to reduce lower back pain.

Stomach sleepers experience sleepless nights and wake in the morning with both back and neck pain. Sleep professionals suggest using a very soft pillow or no pillow at all. This will keep your neck from hurting due to turning from side to side all night and it being elevated at an unnatural angle.

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