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Sheet Straps

August 6, 2009
In the Bedroomsheets

Sheet straps are reasonably priced and designed to tighten up baggy fitting bed linens They can range from $5.00 to $25.00 for the more elaborate versions that run that are often times better constructed, built to last, and stretch from one end of the mattress to the other.

Essentially they are like giant garter straps that clip on to you sheet and help hold them in place. These handy dandy little problem solvers usually are available in a package of 4. These sheet suspenders if you will anchor the sheet in to place pulling the sheets firm and tight. Sheet straps can even turn ordinary flat sheets into fitted sheets for a quick cheap fix if the elastic has failed on your old sheet. Quality sheet straps are available from a variety of manufacturers and available at most any of the nations retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond,, and other great retailers.

Many bed owners we have talked to claim that theirs have lasted for a long time. The people we heard the most complaints about them never even owned a set. Most believed they simply didn’t think they would work. However if you look at online satisfaction ratings, the sheet straps average a whopping 4 out of 5 stars. One reason might be because you can limit unnecessary tension because most are adjustable making them last longer. Most are machine washable and manufactured out of high quality super elastic with hold tight grips to keep them in place..

Even if you aren’t crazy about the idea of a set of suspenders for your sheets you have to hand it to the inventor this is definitely a easy quick clip solution that offers either a temporary fix or a long term solution to going out and buying a new set of sheets.

At STL Beds we think there is no substitute for a good quality sheet set with quality elastic, after all it really is the very best way to draw the sheet tight to the mattress helping to secure it into position, but a set of sheet straps is a pretty close second.