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A Savvy Mattress Idea

November 14, 2011
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A Savvy Mattress Idea

A Savvy Mattress Idea video Transcribed:

This is the Savvyrest mattress or a sample of the savvy rest mattress made in layers and the way this particular mattress is made is with soft on top medium in the middle and firm on the bottom and what I’m going to do is disassemble and reassemble it how I like it and as you can see we have soft on top medium in the middle and firm on bottom now.

When I first designed this mattress I did it because I knew that there was no particular feel for everyone some people like things firm some people like things soft, and after teaching yoga for so many years I knew that everybody was put together differently everyone thinks differently, and due to us being put together differently everyone sleeps differently. And so there wasn’t going to be one configuration that was going to work for everybody, furthermore I knew people going into a showroom weren’t going to know what they were going to like from laying on something for a minute, three minutes or even 15 minutes. So you really need to sleep on something for a few nights to know how it’s going to feel for you long term night after night. So how I like my mattress is actually a lot softer than firm medium soft, so the way I’m going to build this up is with medium on the bottom soft in the middle and soft on top. Now when you first put your mattress together it’s good to get the bottom piece in there pretty perfectly because if you get the bottom piece in there right the others will line up perfectly, Now that medium is in there pretty good, here goes one soft, one thing that’s cool about this is that you can change it after you’ve experimented for a while. Three months to change out layers so if you find it to firm, for example if I had firm medium soft I know that is to firm so I have 90 days to mail it back and set it up how it is now. Just getting everything stuffed in here at the top, and there you have it medium and soft build just for me.