Room Darkening Curtains Are Key To Better Sleep

February 4, 2013
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Darkened Bedrooms Block Sleep Disturbing Light

Sleep environment is everything so it is extremely important to set the stage in your bedroom to fit the bill. Any great play starts with a great cast dressed for their parts, the props that set the stage and the overall stage design that takes you to that special place and moment.  Our bedrooms are no different and to reach those stages of sleep we must design our bedroom to whisk us into a night of quality sleep, You can design your set by reducing distracting noise. Choose quality bedding and mattress for maximum comfort and support and minimize or eliminate light. That’s right lights out because curtains are an important key to better sleep.

Curtain and Shades Curtain and Shades By Bahman Farzad

Sleep cycles may be better managed according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) by blocking out light. Our biological clocks may be set inadvertently to times that do not correspond with the reality of life and the times of day in which we sleep. While sleeping street lamps, moonlight, sunlight, vehicle headlights etc. are just some of the disruptive kinds of lighting that can brighten up a room and not only keep us from getting to sleep but cause us to wake up or even affect our personal biological clocks.

Room Darkening Curtains Impede the Bright

According to local curtain experts at Sunshine Drapery, room darkening curtains & blinds include a soft Thermaback coating that has been applied to fabric of the curtain panel to produce better room darkening qualities when compared to other drapes. These hangings reduce piercing light that results in “darkness” – a necessary bedroom design that contributes to a better night’s sleep.

Curtains and Drapes Reduce Noise

Noises outside bedroom windows such as birds, children at play, or even street noise can be dampened affectively with the correct curtains. It changes the room’s acoustics by absorbing sounds that can disrupts our sleep cycles and even wake us.

Curtains Also Rreduce Home Heating and Cooling Costs

In warm weather months light colored curtains have the ability to reduce solar heat intake in the bedroom up to 33 percent as reported by the (DOE) U.S. Department of Energy. This is done by keeping drapes closed blocking out the heat by reflecting off light colors rather than absorbing the suns heating rays and lowering the run time cycles of your air conditioning unit.

Cold weather months can make furnaces and heaters run frequently adding to utility bills. The DOE says closing curtains which helps to hold in heat can save up to 10 percent off heat loss. Using natural sunlight to help with heating by simply opening curtains and closing them back up when sun is no longer affecting that area of the room.

While any window treatments is better than no window treatments look for draperies that can not only fit your budget  but increase efficiency, block out light, and dampen noise pollution.  This theater of sleep can not only design your bedroom in beautiful colors and fashion but most importantly set the stage for quality restorative sleep for the rest of your life.