Rollaway Beds Accommodate Overnight Guests

Rollaway Beds Accommodate Overnight Guests

August 19, 2013
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Preparing to make more sleeping space for guests

Whether you have surprise overnight guests or knew they were coming in advance it is always important to have a plan to provide accommodations for them. Smart hosts steal a page right out of the hospitality industries book they use a rollaway bed. For years hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts have used rollaway beds to provide an extra sleeping surface without having to make available an additional bedroom.

What is a Rollaway Bed and Mattress?

A cot like an extra bed with more benefits and in most cases far more comfort. The majority of these beds are made from steel, aluminum, metal, and wood. The basic or fancy frame depending on what you choose along with the mattress folds up like a ping pong table you might have in your basement but be careful not to pinch fingers. The wheeled assembly is mobile usually very lightweight and stores easily until needed. Mattresses rest upon a variety of surfaces including a linked spring, sinuous coil system, daybed canvas-like material, and even wood slats. Mattresses come in a range of thicknesses.

As a rule, thicker mattresses usually provide the best comfort. The mattresses are sometimes made using coils springs but more often than not these days, they will be constructed from low density, high density, high resiliency polyurethane foam or even memory foam. It is important to choose a quality mattress for not only comfort but also to resist break down from being folded and stored in that position for such a long time.

Fold-away bed sizes and measurements

Before purchasing one of these folding portable beds be sure to determine what size you need. They are offered in many of the same sizes found in conventional mattresses like twin, full, and queen. Take note of the measurements because some vary slightly in size sometimes making bedding a bit tricky to fit.

Standard Rollaway beds tend to be the most popular. These dimensions are approximate and can vary from brand to brand when stowed away.

49 inches high 40 inches wide 17 inches deep. Different brands may vary slightly. Extra-long models folded up are about 52 inches tall. Extra-wide fold up beds can obviously be 48 inches or wider so do get that specific information when checking brand and size.

Dimensions When Open Standard or twin-size 38 x 75 Other twin measurements include 30″, 32″, and 39″ x 72″ long to accommodate various needs. Extra-long fold away beds can be as long as 80″.

Full or Double sizes made to offer more sleeping space for guests 48 x 72 54 x 75 55 x 80 Again measurements can vary so make sure you know what you are buying.

How Difficult will it be to Set-Up?

Most rollaway beds when first purchased require little assembly to speak of. Setting up a fold-up rollaway bed is typically as easy as rolling it into its intended location and simply unfolding and locking a few parts into proper position. Bed weight can vary greatly 45 -200 pounds, so do consider this when purchasing.

Where to Store and Put Away

A person needs to take into consideration the frame weight before storing. Keeping it close to the setup area is best for heavier frames. You want it to be convenient so think closet, extra rooms like offices laundry rooms or even the spare bedroom. Garages and basements can also be great places if they are free of moisture. Think about keeping the bed on the same floor level maneuvering up and down stairs can be tricky especially with heavier models.