Reversible Mattress Both Sides Of The Story

Reversible Mattress Both Sides Of The Story

Flippable by design that was how virtually all mattresses used to made. It was a time when you could use both sides of a mattress and it seemed liked they lasted forever. Two sided mattresses began to fall out of favor about the same time new fire safety regulations came into play. The new stringed testing forced manufacturers to come up with new and creative ways to comply with the safety tests. They were also trying to keep mattress prices as low as possible and competitive. This new way of building beds was now forcing people to purchase mattresses in a way they were not a accustomed to, one sided and non flippable.  It was just a matter of time before mattress companies would realize their was still a market for people who preferred the old style mattress you can turn over and use both sides but are these really better? Today’s topic Reversible Mattress Both Sides Of The Story will detail the differences that you’ll want to know before buying your next mattress set.

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Are today’s new two sided beds as good as the ones of the past?

While they are 2 sided, for the most part these luxury sleeping surfaces are not built in the same way they were 30, 20, or even as recent as 10 years ago. A person only needs to lift today’s mattress to realize the weight is significantly different. The reason? Less steel. Steel is what made the old mattress sets last for so many years and today mattress builders are using a lot less of it. They do this to keep both wholesale costs under control for them and retail costs down for the consumer.

Mattresses 20 and 30 years ago also didn’t use layer upon layer of polyurethane foam, polyester fiber, and comfort padding materials. Beds were relatively thin which kept settling of the materials to a minimum. While many don’t talk about it the early 1990’s is when the problems of bad body impressions began to rear their ugly heads. These beds were still relatively heavy and they were double sided, but the addition of extra thick padding and “comfort layers” was a definite weakness that would forever change how long mattresses would last.

Today’s two sided beds are different.

While modern 2 sided mattresses can be turned over, they are light weight from weak fluffy foam and minimal amounts of hardened steel. For people that want a double sided mattress they will get what they asked for. What they won’t get is the bed they bought 30, 20, or even 10 years ago that lasted ten plus years. The advantage is that a person can still turn, flip, and regularly rotate their mattress for more even wear. The newer two sided mattresses short comings is this, the lack of good bones and the lack of heavy duty building materials. We still like two sided beds for the reasons we mentioned and feel they are still a better value than most one sided mattresses with coil springs. While they won’t last ten years they are still  longer than the majority of one sided beds built today and they still give consumers more bang for their mattress dollars.

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