Will A Platform Bed Make A Mattress Feel Firmer?

November 29, 2010
In the Bedroom

What is a platform bed…

and will not using a a boxspring make the mattress feel firmer? In order to get a better understanding of how these beds work we’ll need to take a closer look. Modern platform beds are some of the coolest and most in style beds being offered today and are  in an assortment of styles and designs. Once only thought to be Feng shui styled and popular as Chinese furnishings these beds have branched out to the world. Many sit very low only inches off the floor while others sit a couple of feet off the ground like captains beds. Finishes and construction include vinyl ,wood, paint, or stain you name it they build platform beds in it. In most cases the platform of the bed replaces the need for a boxspring or a supporting foundation.
Result of putting a Mattress on a Platform, does it make the mattress feel firmer?

Do Platform beds use boxsprings?

As mentioned above no, usually not. The deck or platform of these beds is where the mattress lies and most use either a wooden or metal slat kit.  The spacing is close together and will not allow a mattress to sag down in between them. This is because the spacing is often 2 inches or less between the individual slats. Some slats are flexible most are rigid and non-giving. Others include a solid wood platform, Luan plywood or something similar which is perfect so that the mattress can lay flat upon it. NOTE: Neither requires the use of a boxspring however in the case of  platform beds that have a taller headboard, a traditional boxspring or low profile boxspring or foundation can be used. Of course putting a 4 to 9 tall boxspring or foundation between the mattress and platform will make the bed sit taller so plan accordingly.

Results of putting a Mattress on a Platform, does it make the mattress feel firmer?

The answer is no most of the time. The reason being is that most boxsprings today are not flexible and springy. They are firm and unyielding making them no different than sitting the mattress on a floor or setting plywood underneath of them.  We recommend testing your boxspring to see if it is flexible or solid. To test yours place your hands on the top of the boxspring resembling CPR and press down. If it gives you have a flexible boxspring and putting it on a platform bed may change the feel slightly. How much it changes depends on thickness of your mattress. The thicker the mattress the less difference in the feel, the thinner the mattress the more you will find the boxspring plays a part in the mattress sets over all feel. Last but not least check the warranty for the mattress when using it on  a platform bed. Some mattress manufacturers may have some stipulations you will need to follow. The important thing is like purchasing any new mattress is to make sure that you purchase the one that feels most comfortable to you. It is essential that you match it up with your new platform bed so that you have both the look and the feel you have always dreamed of.