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Padded Rails for Your Waterbed

April 6, 2009
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  1. How much do padded rails cost for a waterbed?
    There are many different sizes and styles that are available, which can cause prices to vary greatly. Padded rail prices as of the time of the articles release range anywhere from $59.00 to around $200.00 some companies may charge for shipping and handling.
  2. What type and styles of padded rails do they still make for water beds?

    -2 Piece Regular padded rails
    -3 Piece Regular mitered padded rails
    -5 Piece Regular padded rails
    -2 Piece Jumbo padded rails
    -3 Piece Jumbo mitered padded rails
    -2 Piece Jumbo crinkle padded rails
    -3 piece Jumbo crinkle padded rails
  3. What sizes are padded rails available in?

    -Super Single 4ft. x 7ft.
    -California Queen 5ft. x 7ft.
    -California King 6ft. x 7ft.
    -Custom sized padded rails are available for canopy waterbeds and daybed waterbeds.
  4. What do the padded the rails on a hardside waterbed do?
    Padded rails protect you from the 2 x 10 hard wooden side frames of a waterbed.
    Whether you are getting in or getting out of the waterbed, it is a necessity to add this cushy protection to your hardside waterbed side frames.
  5. Are padded rails hard to install on a waterbed?
    No, padded side rails usually just slide on. If you have a 3 piece set the sides may have to be moved up about an inch or so. This leaves enough space to slide on the foot end padded rail. If there is a little gap, simply slide the padded side rails toward the foot until the mitered corners join one another. There should be a gap of a couple inches or so at the headboard end. These allow headboards that wrap around slightly on the wood side frame to fit properly.
  6. How can I tell I need new padded rails?

    -The vinyl becomes cracked and worn looking.
    -Cloth or velvet valor padded rails just start to look worn down and the edges start to wear through.
    -Both styles are worn if they no longer offer proper cushioning when getting in and out of the bed.
  7. What colors do waterbed padded rails come in?
    About any color you could possibly want?
  8. Do they still make leather padded rails for waterbeds?
    Actually they are not leather. Typically padded rail caps are made using vinyl and are often confused for leather because of their look.
  9. What other names do the rails on a waterbed go by?-Pad Rails for water bed
    -Pads for a water bed
    -Bumper Pads for a waterbed
    -Bumper Rails for a waterbed
    -Padded Rail Caps
    -Padded Sides
  10. Where can I find padded rails for a waterbed?
    Online there are many waterbed retailers that sell them, but we hope you will contact us for product selection and prices right here at STLBeds.