The Open-Minded Mattress Shopper Sleeps Best

March 7, 2013
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Have You Already Made Up Your Mind Before You Shop?

There is a sea of mattresses out there and some people may become easily confused by all the different types of mattresses offered to them. Others will visit a mattress or furniture store with predetermined notions of what they like and what they don’t like without having tried a single mattress. It’s always a good idea to be an open minded mattress shopper – you don’t want to rule out mattress categories too soon or you just might overlook the most comfortable, most supportive mattress and not even know it.

Saying no before having really tried a mattress

Being an open minded mattress shopper will lead to a better night's sleep Being an open minded mattress shopper will lead to a better night’s sleep

Many have a predetermined idea of what it is they want before ever walking into the store, we suggest extreme caution here as to not  rule out any one particular “mattress categories” too quickly. Example: I don’t like memory foam or I hate waterbeds. Most have only sat on one of these mattresses for a moment – not long enough to really get an idea of what this category of mattress might offer them. In fact they probably didn’t even fully lie down on the mattress. Within each category of mattress different firmness’s and support levels are offered making each bed unique to itself.

It’s like saying “I don’t like sports cars, they sit too low, they’re hard to get in and out of, and the ride is rough. The fact is there are some extremely luxurious sporty cars that offer an alternative to the common complaints of the sports car category helping to fill a niche in the market place and delivering on the promise of a sporty car that performs.

Thoroughly test all mattresses within a category

After trying several different mattresses within a specific class it is safe to say you can eliminate the category. While beginning your mattress search start to consider more general characteristics. Consider things such as I would prefer softer or harder feel. This mattress sits to high or this one sits to low. Some offer ways to raise or lower it a little at no extra cost. Will this mattress support my body weight?

Feel the difference between various kinds of coil springs used for support us. Examples: Verti Coil, Pocketed Coil, Continuous Coil, Bonnel etc. If you are testing latex mattresses test rest Dunlop Latex and Talalay latex the 2 primary types of latex mattresses offered. Many people don’t realize just within this category of mattresses that various combinations of firmness can be design by you the buyer. Example: One side of the bed could have firmness layers from bottom to top or firm, medium, and soft Talalay, while the other sleeper could from bottom to top go for an old school feel of firm, firm, medium Dunlop.   In the case of waterbeds look at softside waterbeds and hardside waterbeds. Consider less wave motion and more supportive baffled mattresses with firmness that can be adjusted. Look at the idea of other beds that offer the benefit of variable firmness levels. Airbeds like the Sleep Number Bed and Adjustable Beds like Craftmatic and Reverie even customizable bed kits offer a level of change not found in ordinary flat beds.

Start narrowing it down to specific type of mattress

Once a category has been chosen start the serious testing narrowing down your choices down to 2-3. At this point it’s time to run the sales person off and get real. Take 10-15 minutes and test rest each mattress. Try all sleeping positions especially your favorite. At this point if the bed meets your quality needs, comfort and support needs, and is within your allotted budget, you have found your new mattress.

Please share with us what mattress categories you liked and did not like.