Nothing Pulls Us Apart – Especially Split King Sheets

Nothing Pulls Us Apart – Especially Split King Sheets

August 16, 2016
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What kind of bed sheets do we need to buy if we purchased a split king mattresses? Our king does happen to be on a 2 piece adjustable base. She can control her side of the bed separately from mine.  My wife thinks we need to use 2 different bottom sheets so when one person raises the bed it won’t affect the other.

First of All, Never Bet Against Your Wife

Your wife is correct. Split kings sheets really can help each partner get a better night’s sleep and it also solves a few other common problems with individual mattresses. I think you will agree it is definitely a well thought out idea.  The standard king size mattress uses the normal king size sheets found in any department store or online and fits the regular one piece mattress measuring 76 inches wide and 80 inches long.

What is a Split King Sheet Set?

Ordinary king-size bedding sets consist of a one piece ordinary fitted sheet that is designed to fit like a glove around one 76” wide mattress. It also consists of one top sheet that can vary slightly in size from one bedding maker to the next. The set also should include 2 king size pillow cases that will fit king size pillows. In contrast a specially designed sheet set called split king is made to solve the issues that commonly arise with a one piece fitted sheet. Common problems is the fitted sheet coming off, unmade, or worse tearing when you have two different mattress sitting side by side that are adjustable as explained below. This unusual set includes 2 fitted sheets, 1 for each of the 2 twin extra-long mattresses. Couples can still feel close by sharing the large single top sheet that covers the mattress and both of the them.Nothing Pulls Us Apart – Especially Split King Sheets

Why do I Need a Divided Sheet Set?

  • Perhaps you have a split king mattress set
  • Maybe you have an adjustable power base

A split king mattress set is nothing more than your traditional eastern king mattress that has been made into two independent beds. Inside the mattress industry this called a king pack but no matter what you call it these really are nothing more than 3 different configurations of of the same  king size bed.

  • Two twin extra-long mattresses (Often used upon platform beds)
  • Two twin extra-long mattresses and two twin extra-long foundations (Often used when a couple is seeking individual firmness, comfort or support)
  • Two twin extra-long mattresses and 2 twin extra-long adjustable power bases. (Used when couples are seeking a unique body position that is different from their partner)

No matter which arrangement we’re talking about, in each configuration the mattresses / bases are sitting side by side or perhaps even sharing the very same bed frame. This unique bedding is used most frequently though on beds having a feature that is becoming increasing popular called power bases. The power bases were once only popular in the commercial use of hospital beds.  Hospital bed features include:

  • Adjustable head that can be raised or lowered.
  • Adjustable foot can be raised and lowered.
  • Adjustable sleep enhancement features like massage.

Great beds with many bells and whistles and the main selling point, independent features, so what’s the problem?

Advancements in technology and smart marketing people realized the benefits of enjoying these adjustable bed features in our own homes.  Owners can watch TV or reap the medical and comfort benefits not found in ordinary flat mattresses. The serious problem arises when one person wants to sit up and the other wants to lie down. When adjusted a single sheet can come off when one mattress is raised while the other is still in a lowered position. A bigger problem is that this tug of war between the two mechanical beds can stretch or worse actually rip the sheet tearing it in two.

Benefits of Separated Sheets

  • Share the bed without sharing the mattress
  • Own 2 different mattresses for preferred support, firmness, and comfort
  • Better sleep through less motion transfer. Don’t disturb your partner
  • Split kings are easier to move and fit through areas where 1 piece kings will not

Whether it’s for the medical needs, increased comfort, or today’s lifestyle of relaxation in the bedroom individual divided sheets offer you and your signification other the practical solutions you’re looking for so nothing comes between you but the division of a simple piece of fabric when you need it.