Sleeping Like A Starfish: Bed Hogging Solutions

Sleeping Like a Starfish: Bed Hogging Solutions

February 5, 2015
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Lack of Mattress Space: Fixing the Issue

Do you or your significant other love to sprawl and stretch out like a starfish while sleeping? Worse yet, do you find yourself on the giving or the receiving end of elbows or sharp pokes to the ribs? While going on the offensive can get you more space, it’s probably not the best solution for the relationship. You may want to holster those deadly pokers and consider a different solution. There is a new mattress size that solves the universal lack of space problem caused by the bed hog.

Spacious Mattress Solves Common Problem of Not Having Enough Room

When it comes to needing more space many people will choose to buy a new house with a bigger bedroom. They do this simply to get more sleeping space. The space that up until now could only be provided by a king size bed, 2 twins or 2 twin extra longs side by side.  The invention of a a Flareside Mattress can help consumers avoid the aggravation and hard work of moving while also eliminating the expense of closing costs, movers, and of course a bigger home and room.

There are many reasons why couples need more space in their beds. Here are a couple of quick examples. The kids may have bad dreams and nighttime fears, afraid of being alone, or the excruciating loud thunderstorms  may cause them to run straight to mom and dad’s bed. Other needs for additional space may come from the family cat or dog that force themselves between us or have to be right on top of us, sometimes literally. Whether your space issues are related to a spouse, kids, or even the putting on of a few extra pounds the Flare Design can have a positive affect on how much room you will have to rest.

Space is a Part of Comfort

No one likes cramped spaces.  The most notorious spaces for being cramped are stadium seats, airplanes, and even mattresses. When it comes to space we’ll pay for first class and even splurge for some club seating which is why it only makes since to make room in the bed. When it comes to our sleep you are the VIP “Very Important Person.”  You don’t have to settle for coach when you deserve more room. So SSSS! (Stop Steeling Sleeping Space) and upgrade to boundless sleeping area.