That Sinking Feeling: What Causes A Sagging Mattress?

My Mattress Thinks I’m Fat!

January 14, 2008
Healthy Sleep

Our worst nightmare, each and every morning after waking up and getting out of bed the memory foam mattress of all things reminds us whom we really are. That’s right we wake up only to witness our own body imprint silently lying there, showing us evidence in 3D that we really are over weight and that we should without a doubt, walk straight past the refrigerator and head without delay directly to the gym. Seriously with a mattress like that why give up the tried and true mattress and box spring for what seems to be nothing more than an expensive slab of foam claiming to have memory, whatever that means?

Well turns out that pesky little momentary body impression is proof that memory foam mattresses actually contour and mould to the body like no other mattress since the inception of the waterbed. Through near perfect displacement of weight people experience fewer pressure points on the critical areas of the body such as shoulders and hips which in comparison to mattresses containing coil springs is completely opposite. They have a propensity to push back against our skin causing restlessness and turning throughout the night. Visco elastic memory foam claims to diminish those annoying firm spots that can develop on our bodies during the sleep process and appears to decrease morning soreness, aches, and pains.

Even more amazing is the fact that when you turnover you do not disturb your bed companion but were getting ahead of ourselves. Memory foams roots stem from a material that NASA invented and Tempur-Pedic® perfected. It was initially intended that this new material later called memory foam, would curtail the vibrations and shaking felt by astronauts through out their space travels and encourage better blood circulation during lift off. A group of Swedish Physicians found a way to make this material into a mattress and thanks to Tempur-Pedic® all can experience such Swedish comfort. Industry insiders believe that by simply reducing tossing turning caused by our partner’s restlessness, we can improve our quality of sleep by 20% through products like the Isotonic Memory Foam mattress and Tempur-Pedic® Swedish Memory Foam.

Through 21st century mattress technology memory foam has definitively changed the way we sleep and but more importantly there seems to be real evidence showing an ease in health related issues such as headaches, minor muscle aches, and pressure points that cause numbness and morning fatigue. It seems plausible that if these problems could be reduced or cured by the memory foam mattresses a great many more people suffering from minor insomnia may also benefit as a result. Not to mention that visco elastic foam mattresses are also especially defiant to mold & mildew, bacteria, and dust mites.

At one time or another most of us have experienced a squeaky, loud, annoying mattress but foam products such as latex and all foam memory foam mattresses will not make noise because they do not use coil springs in the beds construction. Better quality flip construction and high quality foam eliminates the need to flip the mattress.

Whether a person chooses firm or soft density memory foam with higher or lower IFD (Initial Force Deflection) durability simply does not appear to be the question and nearly all people can find a memory foam mattress to fit their sleeping habits.

We are only now beginning to understand how sleep or the lack of really affects us but with various health benefits, innovative long lasting material, great support and luxurious comfort it is no wander that people will want to remember memory foam when purchasing their next mattress.