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Moving Mattress Tips

July 16, 2009
How To

How to move a mattress and box spring

10 easy tips to protect your bed from damage caused by a move.

  1. Do not try to move bed fully assembled. This cannot only be heavy and bulky, but will likely damage the bed and you.
  2. Strip off all bedding and pack the mattress in a protective plastic mattress bag. If you can not find them locally or do not have one, you can wrap the mattress in old blankets or use a couple of old fitted sheets that you no longer use. It will be better than nothing at all and will offer some protection. Once wrapped lean it off to the side or remove it from the room.
  3. Remove the headboard and footboard. Some headboards and footboards bolt up which can be easily removed using the proper tools. Usually screwdriver and an adjustable wrench or properly sized wrenches will do the job.
  4. Disassemble the steel bed frame. Many frames simply nut, bolt, and lock washer together. Others frames are assembled using keyhole notches that slide apart when the safety pins are removed.
  5. It is best too utilize 2 people when carrying a mattress and box spring. (One on each end) Attempting to handle a large, heavy, flexible mattress by your self is a recipe to get hurt or break something in the process of removing such a bulky heavy item. Tight spots can be extra tricky, so watch for items on walls, lighting fixtures, and thresholds that can snag mattress fabric.
  6. What vehicle is best to move a mattress and boxspring? If you do not have a pick up, rent a vehicle such as a closed in moving truck, closed in trailer, open trailer, or cargo van. Be sure to take weather into consideration when selecting a vehicle. Never move a mattress set on vehicle luggage wrack. They are not designed to handle mattresses. Many retail mattress companies will not put them on a car due to lawsuits. Ladders and mattresses are a couple of the most frequently lost items to fall off a cars, van roofs, or luggage racks. Even when they are tightly “tied or strapped” on.
  7. Be sure you have a vehicle that the mattress will fit inside of. Measure vehicle and mattress to assure a proper fit.
  8. Properly cover or protect the mattress using plastic mattress bags, mattress box, tarp, old blankets, old sheets, or similar items.
  9. Once you arrive at your destination, check out the new residence and the route of your carry. If the “mattress carry” looks tight, you can measure to assure the boxspring and mattress will fit. If the boxspring will not make the turn or clear an over hang, retail mattress stores offer split box springs for reasonable prices. Do not fold mattresses more that 10-15 degrees or you will likely damage or destroy the coil spring unit.
  10. Sometimes second-story decks and verandas are the only option for 2nd story bedrooms. This is dangerous and not recommended to do unless you are a professional mover. 2nd story windows more often than not will not be an option.

Did we miss anything? Be sure to tell us your mattress moving hints.

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