Morgan Latex and Innerspring Mattress Alternative

Morgan Latex and Innerspring Mattress Alternative

October 11, 2012
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Morgan Latex Innerspring Mattress and The Alternative Choice Go Head To Head

There has recently been a lot of buzz about a couple of the natural and organic mattresses being offered today in the retail bedding market. Those mattresses would include the Morgan Latex and innerspring mattress from Good Night Naturals and another Innerspring Mattress Alternative with latex the Earthspring™ from Savvyrest. Morgan Mattress still top dog?

Savvyrest the most trusted name in organic mattresses had never entered the entry level price sector for natural and organic mattresses up to this point focusing primarily on their premium organic mattresses and the adult consumer.

However they seem to be expanding their target audience adding several models to their already strong lineup of organic beds. The Earthspring™one of their newest models looks to be the strongest contender to the Morgan Mattress but can they take the title?

Comparing Morgan Mattress and the Earthspring™

  • Each mattress is handcrafted and by themselves stand about 9- 9 ½ tall without the foundation.
  • The Morgan Mattress is two sided while the Savvyrest Earthspring is one side.   Side by side you will see no differences in the Bonnell Coil Spring Unit in steel thickness and coil count.
  • Good Night Natural’s Morgan Mattress layers 1 ½ inch or latex on each side of coil spring unit with no apparent insulating layer to protect the layers of latex from damaged caused by wires that can cut and break down the layers of rubber.
  • Savvyrest also uses a total of 3 inches of latex rubber but underneath the latex but on top of the coil springs is a .8 cm sheet of coir (a pad made from natural coconut fiber and blended with natural latex rubber). So not only is the solid 3” sheet of rubber well protected from coil spring damage but the over feel of the bed is more luxurious and durable.
  • Each bed quilts up a generous amount of organic wool into their organic cotton covers. The Morgan Mattress seems to use more. This would be necessary since both sides of the mattress would need to comply with national fire safety standards required by the CPSC. Wool is the primary way organic and natural mattresses meet this law without potentially harmful added chemicals.
  • Neither bed includes harmful pesticides and are free from toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, bromide and other chemical flame retardants like the much publicized PDBE’s, a known carcinogen.
  • Both beds are resistant naturally to mold and mildew.

Neither model uses synthetic latex rubber

The Morgan mattress uses soft Talalay Latex at a 20-24 ILD while the Earthspring™ uses 20-24 ILD soft Dunlop a material used in mattresses for about 70 years.

Savvyrest offers their beds in twin, full, and queen, sizes which they claim are best suited for children, teenagers, and couples of smaller stature weighing in at 170-180 lbs. or less per side. King and California King, sizes are generally more popular with plus size sleepers. Morgan mattress offers up king and Cal. King with no such disclaimer about size or weight.

With nearly everything being equal on these 2 beds we give the edge to Savvyrest. Since most mattress companies don’t use bonnel coil units under adult couples we like the Savvyrest candor of using these beds for their designed purpose. We also like the insulation between the natural rubber and the coil springs a nice touch. Finally while the bed is one sided and let’s face it who wants to flip a 65 pound twin size mattress that doesn’t have handles (Savvyrest) or a 65 pound mattress with handles you’re not supposed to lift it with (Morgan Mattress)? We believe like most in the industry that you must have a minimum of 2” of any layer for ideal comfort and cushioning, both of the beds utilize only one layer on the top side of the mattress. We give the comfort edge to the 3 inch thick layer of Dunlop Latex from Savvyrest our pick for best overall value in the entry level natural and organic mattresses.

If you enjoyed Morgan Latex and Innerspring Mattress Alternative article and would like to shop the Earthspring please do it now!