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Memory Foam Mattress Opinions Good or Bad?

Recently I read an interesting blog that said opinions are like belly buttons everyone has one. As a thinker and a mattress salesman I quickly associated my own professional opinions and of course different customers opinions I have paid attention to daily concerning one of the most liked and hated mattresses sold today, the memory foam mattress.

I decided to research along with my own website www.STLBeds.com, various blogs, mattress reviews, and forums looking specifically at memory foam mattresses, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Throughout my mattress research I found that there were no shortage of opinions on the Internet.

After reading as many comments and reviews as I could in addition to my own experiences having slept on one for 2-3 years and selling them for eons, I believe memory foam mattresses have unfairly taken it on the chin in the Internet world. So I set out to prove or disprove my theory. I was curious to know like many shoppers, which opinions pertaining to memory foam were correct and which were incorrect. I wanted to know if we could believe everything we are reading regarding these mattresses to be accurate information? In conclusion I am not sure we can, here are some examples of opinions regarding the exact same memory foam mattresses.


1. Engineered by NASA Space age material
2. Very supportive (perfect firmness)
3. Reduces painful pressure points so you don’t toss and turn
4. Memory foam beds are extremely durable & holds up well
5. Get what you pay for (a good mattress)
6. The foam recovers and bounces back quickly
7. The smell goes away
8. Will not disturb your sleeping partner (Wine glass test)
9. Worth every penny I paid for it
10. Best mattress ever I have never slept better


1. Expensive
2. Don’t hold up
3. Get soft or mushy over time
4. Develop body impressions
5. Hard to turn over in
6. Hot
7. Not supportive (too hard or too soft)
8. Not worth the money
9. Off gassing (smell)
10. Worst mattress ever I have never slept worse

As you can see some saw black while others saw white. My own unscientific Internet study of comments did not seem to be as balanced as my 10 pros and 10 cons of memory foam chart I displayed above. My research showed there to be a greater amount of negative information to be found vs. positive information to be found concerning memory foam mattress opinions and reviews. For example on my website the following 2 blogs were posted with in 7 days of each other.

Posted January 28, 2008 with 23 comments

Top Ten Problems With Memory Foam

Posted on January 21, 2008 with 0 comments

Top 10 Benefits Of Memory Foam

What I found so interesting is that bad or negative memory foam information out weighed the good information. Knowing what a good product memory foam mattresses are I am concerned that mattress shoppers may be swayed by the amount of bad publicity they are getting on the Internet. I hope shoppers won’t take to heart the vast amount of negative comments concerning memory foam mattresses or any other for that matter. Consider this old truism, “Do something nice for someone and they will tell 2 friends…do something BAD and they will tell everyone!”

Because of human nature and the wild wild west of Internet technology called chat rooms, forums, and blogs we are able to share our bad experiences with all who will listen and read. On the other hand for what this mattress veterans opinion is worth, I am hoping people will realize that a greater number of their fellow men and women having had positive experiences with memory foam mattresses are not balancing out the negative comments. Memory foam is one of the best selling, most comfortable, and best built mattresses made today.  In this case it looks as though positive comments and opinions seem to mirror the fore mentioned truism of only telling 2, which is unfortunate for memory foam mattress shoppers.

Coming soon:
23-year mattress salesman’s opinion of memory foam.