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Mattress Reviews and Mattress Recommendations How to Sort Through Them

June 15, 2010
How To

If you are shopping for a new mattress and doing your homework.

We encourage you to take a step back and always take a good look at the source of the information you are evaluating and making a purchasing decision on.

When researching information be sure to get corroborating opinions from other sources that either support or refute products or claims you are trying to research.

Consider the source of the mattress information.

Is it independent or is it just glorified sales commercial disguised as a review or sales pitch. Keep in mind that all the big brand name mattress companies are spending approximately $30-$50 million dollars a year or more on healthy, aggressive, and effective sales marketing campaigns. Some of these companies have been marketing for over 100 years and with that kind of experience you can make your product brand a household name.

So how can I find out what is true and not true about mattresses and which are the best?

What you’re doing right now is a great start reading and researching on the Internet. What we like about the Internet is that it puts a whole bunch of independent sources and material out there for the world to see. Not all of it is accurate but there is enough out there to make you think and come to your own conclusions. You may stumble across a common theme, for example heat issues, body impressions or even high cost.

It is true you will still have to sift through all sorts of information and decide who has an agenda and if the information is accurate but you will have information, and that is knowledge that you can either do more research on or make a purchasing decision on.

Not so long ago mattress shoppers got their information from TV commercials, magazines, or they bought because a friend or relative recommended it. Not so much today. Interestingly a large portion of our customers are making their purchasing decision based on a large amount of Internet research this is especially true for higher valued products. One issue we run into quite a bit from mattress and furniture shoppers is the skepticism of the information they are getting while shopping. At STL Beds we are never afraid to advise shoppers not to take our word as the gospel and instead highly encourage them to research the Internet about specific products, important details, specific problems, or even product longevity before they buy.

Finally after spending the time researching share what you have learned with others. That is what the Internet is all about. Most importantly don’t just share the negative information share your positive mattress experience too. I see so many complaints about heat with memory foam and many in the industry have solved the issue yet no one is going into mattress forums and chat rooms saying that their memory foam doesn’t sleep hot. I guess it’s just like they say “Do something good and no one remembers but do something bad and no one forgets!”