Organic Wool Topper Pads

Mattress Pads and Protectors vs. Mattress Toppers

The decision to purchase a mattress pad, protector, or topper is strictly a matter of purpose, so before you purchase one, let’s begin by explaining and defining each of the different kinds of mattress toppers.

What a Mattress Pad Topper Does

While considered a kind of topper by comparison mattress pads are thinner than traditional toppers. They are usually a simple quilted piece of fabric sometimes natural sometimes synthetic that fits over the surface of your mattress. Pads can include elastic straps or fitted corners which provides a secure attachment to the mattress. In general, a mattress pad is purchased for protection from very light moisture issues. Sweat, saliva, mucus, body oils,  etc. They cannot handle large amounts of moisture and offer a low level of mattress protection. The thicker the cover the more absorption, protection, and comfort mattress pads provide.

What a Mattress Protector Type Topper Does

Mattress Protectors rarely are very thick and act more as a high level protecting barrier against staining the mattress. Small spills, accidents such as getting sick, urine, and blood stains are just some of what these mattress defenders can repel . Obviously, these are important for children’s beds, but adults should seriously consider their value as well after all sometimes the body does things we do not expect. These mattress protectors come with membrane backings that sometimes are breathable and sometimes not, be sure to read reviews and check for construction make up.  Rubber and/or plastic inside is sometimes used to prevent mentioned liquids from seeping through onto the mattress which can not only ruin one but also void any manufacturers warranty.

What a Mattress Topper Does

Mattress Toppers offer a different level of protection, while they are not a fabric pad or protective cover they can protect your mattress against other things like mattress wear  and possibly even stains, but it could be quite expensive to simply use one as a protector against mattress stains. Mattress toppers  have an entirely different purpose, they are thicker and sit on top of your mattress and come in a variety of materials, dependent upon the sleeper’s needs. For example if your mattress is way too hard and you suffer from soreness created by a mattress that is too firm these could be the solution. Some beds are overly firm and can be the cause back or neck pain.  For many in this boat the softer added surface helps  to relieve some of the pain associated with these hard surfaces and  pressure points created from them. Such toppers “mold” to your specific contour in order to achieve this purpose. If you are looking for additional softness you will want to consider a topper filled with natural feather down or other soft synthetic fillers. Temperature may also be important to you.

Offered in various thicknesses like  2, 3 and even 4 inch thicknesses rubber and foam pillow toppers make up the majority of what is sold. For those looking for a more “natural” alternative natural latex rubber is a smart option. To save money blended latex reduces the amount of natural rubber used and is replaced with durable synthetic rubber. Memory foam or gel-infused memory foam is another option and again is a low cost durable alternative that not only makes your mattress feel better but absorbs the brunt of surface wear helping to extend mattress life.

When considering foam and rubber toppers, do not simply look for the filler. The covering is important as well. You will want to purchase a covering that is not only durable but includes the things that are important to you. Sleeping cooler, no off gassing, durability,  and sustainability are just a few things to consider.  If you have any sensitivity to the fabric you sleep on consider natural and organic options with less or no potentially harmful chemicals. Cotton, wool, and bamboo rayon are a few of the popular cover fabrics. As with anything that will be close to your skin, read the labels carefully. Some toppers may contain harmful chemicals within the filling, and you are encouraged to avoid these. If you see the term “Oeko-tex certified,” for example, you can be certain that there are no harmful chemicals added to the fabric.

If cold  or warm weather is your biggest concern, moreover, you can purchase a cover that is heated or cooled new technologies are available to customize sleeping temperature.The beauty of the pad is that it  can easily be removed and laundered and no matter which you choose will prolong the life of a mattress. As mentioned some can even provide some additional support or softness, if that is what you are looking for. In selecting a mattress pad, be certain that you read the label carefully, test rest it on a bed if possible, and choose one that fits your budget.

If you like your current mattress, and it provides the correct amount of support or softness for you, then a mattress pad is all you will need. As that mattress gets older, you may want to purchase a topper to prolong its life, and can act as a temporary plan until you can afford a new one.