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My Mattress Has A Hump In The Middle

December 16, 2010
Healthy Sleep

I have been to the mountain top?

Many of us go through life having a goal, which is considered to be the preverbal mountain of life, but should we have to climb it in our sleep too? If you have purchased a new mattress in recent years you just might  be climbing the real thing in your sleep . One of the biggest challenges for sleepers is climbing these very real hills or mountains in some cases that we call mattresses.

Reaching the pinnacle of the sleep hump

How to fix the hump in the center of a mattress and what causes the problem? Redescente de l’arête sommitale ~ Summit Ridge

One of the most common complaints by today’s mattress owners is that they feel like they are sleeping in a hole, trough, or valley between two hills and after a night of sleeping like this a person may just feel like they tried to climb one of them. The most common occurrences are found primarily in king size beds, however queens are not free from the same issues. Noticeable body depressions begin to develop over time which some call sagging. It can happen on one or both sides and is often more prominent under the heavier person  leaving a large hump or ridge in the middle of the bed. Manufacturers claim the mattresses should be rotated and even flipped over if possible. The fact is the center or ridge in the middle of the mattress is rarely slept on so the mattress does not compress in a uniform manner.

Will the holes in my mattress bounce back?

The fact is compaction of the upholstery materials is taking place and simply turning the mattress from end to end will help with evening out mattress wear but it is not the cure. Common sense tells us that the mattresses cannot be turned sideways so it is unlikely that complete equalized compression in the bed surface can ever be achieved.

How to fix the hump in the center of a mattress and what causes the problem?

Because the padding layers are settling more rapidly where we sleep, most manufacturers are going to consider this normal wear and tear and therefore not going to cover it under mattress warranty. What they will do is cover excessive compression which varies from brand to brand. One to two inches is considered normal. The best we can do to get the rest of the mattress to feel the same and look the same is to make sure that when ever possible that we use the middle of the bed. In doing so mattress wear will be more uniform and is much less likely to affect mattress comfort.