Would You Like A Brochure

Would You Like A Brochure?

October 26, 2009
About Us

Can I Give You a Catalog or Pamphlet to Take With You?

I wish I had a dime for every time someone asked us for a brochure concerning one of mattresses and or bedroom furniture pieces or sets we sell. Times are changing and handing out brochures on such items are quickly becoming a thing of the past. We are not against furniture and mattress brochures. We understand some people do not want or have the Internet.

Often I’m criticized and teased by my wife Kathy and close friend and sister in-law Kim for living on the computer. Both have pointed out on many occasions that they work on a computer all day and the last thing they want to do when they get home is to be on computer. Such conversations often take place while her husband Bob and I are surfing the web and pecking away on the laptop.

Where To Find The Information

Like most people I don’t think Kathy or Kim choose the limited information found in a handout brochure to the vast world of information found shopping via Google Search. Often the first thing Kathy says to me each day is “good morning computer” a sign of how much I am on it. Personally I’m in awe and captivated with the amount of information I can gather about people, places, and things. As a salesman I have heard the lines and really don’t need a sale pitch. Just give me the truth with complete information, and the most bang for my buck. Brochures seem to come across as sales pitchy to me very often light on substance and very heavy on feel good fluff information.

I can’t tell you how many times I went to the St. Louis Home and Garden Show or Boat and Sport Show spoke with a salesperson and took their booklet or brochure only to throw it into a bag that would later end up thrown away weeks later when my enthusiasm has faded. The thing is the products I was interested in usually had manufacturer or retail websites that included the same information, actually in most cases a lot more information. Not only that but I could do a search to see how other people like the item or if there is something better or comparable available for less money. They don’t tell you that in a brochure.

Customers Can Shop Our Competition..Too?

I am concerned about the environment and I believe most everyone else is as well. I love trees but I don’t hug them and I save paper when I can, especially when I’m asked for a hand out or brochure on a bed or bedroom set. Because of my passion to not waste and be more Eco friendly when I’m asked for a brochure on a certain bed or bedroom set I look for an earth friendly alternative to the wasted paper and ink. Instead I ask them if they have access to the Internet. If they tell me no, we simply go to computer and print the information off that they are requesting and hand them a brochure. For those having access to the Internet the STL Beds website offers hundreds of pages with very specific and very detailed about the items they are interested in. In addition to that they can visit manufacturers’ websites, forums, chat rooms, and review sites where people just like them give their opinions good, bad, or other. They can even research all in one place competitors and competing products.