Mattress Delivery and Set up St Louis

September 7, 2011
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One of the most necessary services people request of our little bedroom furniture store is Mattress Delivery and Set Up…

Mattress Delivery and Set up St Louis Mattress Delivery by goosmurf

and of course we do all of this right here in the St Louis metro. Why? Many mattress shoppers are physically not able to carry heavy mattresses and boxsprings much less maneuver them up or down lots of stairs or through tight over hangs and around tight turns. Others are concerned about the damage that can occur when carrying their new mattress inside through these previously mentioned situations that can and often do void mattress warranties if damage occurs.

Who Delivers and Sets Up Mattresses in St Louis MO?

Nearly every store that sells mattresses will offer the service of delivery and installation. Just to name a few stores: Weekends Only, STL Beds, Rothman Furniture, Mattress Firm, Mattress Giant, Mattress Source, Sleep Center Mattress, The Bed Guy, and the list goes on and on. Our suggestion either do a Google search for local mattresses stores. Example you can search for “Beds St. Louis” or “Mattress and boxsprings St louis”  or “Mattress Store St. Louis”.  When you find a mattress dealer give them a call, email, them or see if they offer the service on their website. You will want to see if they deliver to your area this is often done by zip code and what kind of cost you will incur for the service they provide.

What is involved in a Delivery and Set Up of a mattress set and what does it cost?

No matter if you purchase your mattress set from a furniture store, mattress store, or department store they all typically offer the same basic delivery and installation service but cost can vary greatly. Locally in St.  Louis Missouri some stores will offer the service for free when you purchase a mattress set of a certain minimum value from them. Other stores will charge a mattress and delivery setup  fee which typically costs from $30.00 to $100.00 depending on mileage and amount of money you spent on the your new bed. The service often includes delivery, carrying the bed set inside, and  set up or sometimes called installation. While delivery people will not make your bed they will put the mattress set where you wish and will usually remove all related trash and debris and dispose or recycle it.

Will bed stores dispose of the old mattress and boxspring?

Nearly all stores will get rid of your old mattress set if you purchase your new one through them. You can often expect an additional fee unless the company happens to be offering a special or disposal of old mattress promotion. The fee is often far less than waste disposal companies charge who are often hard to work with when it comes to large pick up services. Some only offer monthly, quarterly, or annual pick up of larger items like mattress sets. Mattress recycling is also available from companies like STL Beds for a nominal fee starting at $25.00