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Make Your Bed Look Spectacular

December 23, 2013
In the Bedroomtoppers

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Making your bed look spectacular is subjective. What one person believes is spectacular is another person’s nightmare. Few will agree on the same thing except cleanliness and neatness. A clean bed is a spectacular bed, and neatness does count.

The first step to bed greatness is to strip the sheets, blankets, comforters, and anything else from the bed. These items will go to the washing machine or dry cleaner depending on what they’re made of. Either way, they will end up clean.
When the mattress is completely bare, vacuum it to remove dust, dirt, and allergens. After cleaning with a good dustless Hepa Vacuum, draw back the curtains and open the windows allowing air to circulate the mattress. You may need to stand it up against a wall. If possible, put it in a place where sunlight can fall upon it. Ultraviolet light kills bacteria in the mattress, making it a healthier spot to lay your head at night. After several hours of airing and sunning, rotate and flip the mattress if 2-sided and return it to the box springs or foundation. These particular care tips will prolong a mattress’ life and help prevent a sagging or lumpy mattress.

Depending on the kind and comfort level of mattress you have, you might want to consider a two to four-inch memory foam bed topper for added coziness. From there, it’s recommended that you slip the entire mattress and topper into a plastic, zippered encasement. Encasements will deter bed bugs from invading your mattress, and of course, a bug-free bed is a spectacular bed. Top the encasement with a soft cloth mattress pad. This will reduce or even prevent the crinkling noise of most plastic and reduce the possibility of sweating.

By now, the mattress is considerably taller than it was. Use cozy bed sheets with deep pockets to prevent the corners from slipping off. Thread counts are also an important factor in buying sheets. The higher the thread count often represents the better the sheet quality. The higher thread count sheets are usually softer.

Choose a soft blanket of natural fiber so that it breathes. This will keep you warm, but prevent overheating.

Pillows come next and can be found in a variety of materials and firmness levels. Find one or several that feel comfy and provide support for your neck and head. Also check out the new pillows that were created for the way you sleep such as on your back, stomach, or side.

Top all of that with a comforter or bedspread that you find attractive or fits your style. This is the truly subjective part but since it’s your bed, choose what you like. The finishing touch comes in the form of throw pillows. These are more decorative than functional but can be used if needed.

Stand back and view your bed which is now spectacular and unique to you and your tastes. Martha Stewart would be jealous.

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