How To Choose The Best Bed Sheets

How To Choose The Best Bed Sheets

June 26, 2017

When choosing bed sheets for your bed, a child’s bed, or a guest bedroom, there are many options to choose from that give you different levels of comfort. When you understand the sheet terminology, you can choose the best option of bed sheets for any bed.

Choosing new bed sheets can be a process in which you choose by price and maybe get less than comfortable sheets or you choose a more expensive option that just doesn’t feel right to you. Explaining sheet terminology can help you to make the best choice in bedding for any bed in your home.

What Is Thread Count?

Thread Count For Sheets

Thread count in a sheet is a gauge of the sheet’s durability and smoothness. It is the number of woven threads in a square inch of the fabric. The higher the thread count equates to the more durable and softness of the bedding. The 100-thread count is about the least expensive option in sheets and it may get pills or threads may pull easily after being washed several times. A better choice is either 200 or 300 thread count 100 percent cotton sheets. This will give you soft sheets from the very first time you sleep on them and they will be more durable and last for many years to come.

What Are Bed Sheets Fabric Choices?

There are several fabric choices in bedsheets. Cotton is very popular in 200 to 300-thread count. Certified organic cotton sheets in a 300-thread count are super soft and luxurious to sleep on. They are made without any dyes, genetically modified seeds, finishes, or bleach. They are a true natural color to add to your organic bedroom and bedding for hypoallergenic sources.

Satin sheets are really soft and cool feeling to the body at night. People that are often hot at night enjoy the cooler temperature of these sheets and love the way they can roll over without the sheets sticking to them. Many people prefer satin sheets over warmer cotton sheets if they live in a warm climate.

A cotton and polyester blend is a good choice in bedsheets. They are generally combined in equal amounts in the fabric and expressed as 50/50 Cotton/Poly. This fabric is cooler than cotton alone, yet warmer than satin. A good thread count for premium sheets like this is a 200-thread count.

Flannel sheets are great for colder climates or older people who tend to get cold much quicker. They are instantly warm when you climb into bed and have that loving feeling of a flannel shirt. This type of fabric is super durable and long-lasting and actually can save you on your electricity bill in the winter.

How To Choose The Correct Bed Sheets Size

How To Choose The Correct Bed Sheets Size

Most everyone knows what size his or her mattress is on a bed. With the addition of premium mattresses and pillow tops comes a thicker mattress that in turn requires different sheets. Measure the thickness of your mattress including a topper if you use one and search for your size in that thickness. Thickness is often referred to as pocket-size on sheet packages or may be labeled as EDP for extra deep pockets.

How To Choose Colors

Of course, you want your sheets to match your other bedding and curtains in your windows. Different colors have different qualities. A light-colored sheet will show any type of stains more easily than a darker color. The darker colored sheets show more fading from washing them than a light color. If you choose a pattern, you should try to choose one that will be available again in the future from the same manufacturer.

Following these items can help you to find the best sheets for any bed in your home.

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