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Is My Mattress and Boxspring The Reason I Don’t Sleep?

August 27, 2010
Healthy Sleep


Does my mattress and box spring affect how I sleeps?

I always seem to wake up feeling very tired and unrested. My mattress is getting older but still looks good. Is it possible my mattress could be affecting my sleep?

Yes the mattress can be a contributing factor to feeling tired however it is not the only one. This is especially true of older mattresses, this is because as a mattress ages the same coil springs that once gave good support begin to fatigue and rob you of full body support that we all need. In addition the top padding that makes the bed comfy loses its fluff and feel making the bed less comfortable.

It is true that your mattress and boxspring can either support good sleep or rob you of it. Whether your mattress is a sleep friend or a foe depends on the age, support, and comfort of your bed. These things can definitely be determining factors as to how refreshed you may feel when you wake up. The truth is if you spend the night tossing and turning you will likely wake up stiff, sore, or unrested and lacking needed energy. These are commonly the signs that your old mattress may no longer be doing its job.

A salesman or doctor cannot determine this for you. One thing you may want to do is keep a sleep journal. When you wake log your habits. Simply journal what you did before going to bed, what you remember about your night, and of course how you feel when you wake including the number of hours you slept. There is no one particular mattress that works for one person or person’s ailments. Mattress feel is subjective. What may be soft to one person may actually be firm to another. Our bodies appreciate comfort and good support, and a mattress that offers both will go a long way to achieving better sleep.