How You Can Relax And Relieve With A New Mattress

How You Can Relax And Relieve With A New Mattress

March 5, 2012
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How You Can Relax & Relieve With A New Mattress

About the muscles and our spine:

Research shows that one of the important things about buying a new mattress is understanding that we need to relax the muscles in our bodies. We all have heard how important it is to support the spine properly and selecting the proper mattress can be a big part of that, however choosing a mattress that helps the muscles rest and relax is just as important. We should never consider purchasing a mattress that is too hard and creates unnecessary pressure on our body. Customers often assume these firmer mattresses are better for us. The truth is firm mattresses are often the reason muscles become tense due to the pressure. These pressures can pull our spine out of alignment leading to discomfort and pain.

Another problem that has become all too common with today’s generations is that we have allowed our muscles to become too tense. Massage therapy is at an all time high due to muscle tension and of course stress. Add in prolonged sitting, poor posture, and improper sleeping surfaces, and it is no wonder services like these and various relaxation devices and furnishings have become so popular. One of the biggest questions asked is How You Can Relax And Relieve With A New Mattress?

So how do we overcome such tension in our muscles?

The first step is to allow our body’s muscles to relax and when we can do that a snowball effect will take place. The body will relax and so will our overstressed mind.  By finding ways to relax our muscles we can accomplish stress relief, manage stiffness, relieve anxiety, have a positive effect on blood pressure, and boost immunity. One problem of insomnia that is found is the inability of our body’s 600 plus muscles to relax. If these muscles don’t rest and rejuvenate muscle tension will drain our energy, which wears us down leading to fatigue.

What can I do to relax the muscles in my body?

STL Beds encourages you to test rest a Pure LatexBLISS mattress. This unique mattress feels like no other and allows your  body’s muscles to relax by providing uplifting support and a pressure-less feel. Many describe it as being the same sense of floating, being suspended. It is a difference you can feel.

Pure Latex Bliss says because of the round cell structure found in their Talalay Latex Rubber Mattresses muscle relaxation occurs. This unique design lifts your body toward the mattress surface rather than allowing it to sink and sag like foams, fibers, and layers of padding do. The Pure Latex Bliss Pressure-less feel can be a major contributor to tension relief and the complete relaxation of your body’s muscles.