Using Your Queen Headboard With Full Size Mattress & Frame

How to Use a Full Size Headboard with a Queen Size Mattress and Frame

April 26, 2012
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As they say there are many ways to skin a cat but really there are a few things we shouldn’t try to make work…Well this isn’t one of them

How to Use a Full Size Headboard with a Queen Size Mattress and Frame

Are you one of those people that are lucky enough to have grandma’s old solid brass headboard? Perhaps you have an antique headboard you are fond of and would like to use with your queen size mattress set. There are many different kinds of full size headboards that people want to hang on to and use. The problem is the full size mattress really just isn’t as popular as it once was and has been all but replaced by queen size mattresses. So how do we solve your fitting issue after all you can’t make a round peg fit in a square hole, or can you?

How to Use a Full Size Headboard with a Queen Size Mattress and Frame Shop 8A Bed Mounting Plates by Clicking Photo

How does the full to queen conversion work?

Today we are helping you modify your current full size bolt up headboard to a more modern size that will accommodate an adult couple comfortably. The present day queen size mattress and boxspring set needs to sit on a supporting frame.  The frame you can do this conversion with is called a bolt up frame and like the name suggests it bolts up, in this case at the headboard end.  The way this happens is with a special mounting plate. Note the picture to the right. The only difference is that the plate would bolt up the reverse of what we have shown. (Shown is Queen Headboard with Full Mattress Set and Frame using a Glideaway 8A Mounting Plate).

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How to install full / queen mounting plates.

Assemble queen size bed frame.

Line up slot holes on mounting plate with holes on frame mounting bracket. Slots are oversized for possible needed adjustments and fit in later step.

Bolt up mounting plates with two nuts, bolts, and washers with the extra slots of the plate turned in toward the other mounting bracket.  Do not tighten.

Assemble other mounting plate to the other bed frame mounting bracket leaving bolts loose for adjustment.

Place the full size headboard at head end of queen size mattress and line up free slot holes of 8A Mounting Bracket Plates with frame headboard mounting bracket. Use the bolts, washers, and nuts that came with your headboard and fasten. Then connect the opposite side. Align mounting plates horizontally and vertically and tighten. Repeat on other side.

Where to buy conversion mounting plates for queen to full or full to queen bolt up frames

Glideaways 8A Mounting Plates are an inexpensive solution to purchasing a new headboard, bedroom furniture, or having to get rid of a precious heirloom. If you’ve been look for great pricing and fast free shipping on mounting plates to make your headboard work with your mattress and frame look no further.