How To Set Your Business Apart Using Interior Design

How To Set Your Business Apart Using Interior Design

March 20, 2020
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Believe it or not, your office decor matters just as much to your business as the products and services that you offer. From a client’s perspective, they make judgments on your success and ability to handle business transactions from the moment they enter your space. Your lighting, your furnishings, even subtle pieces of artwork all send a message to prospective customers. You either know what you are doing or some aspect of your business integrity is called into question when they walk into your space. Even real estate agents that stage homes need impressive beds and mattresses for staging the bedrooms.  Set your business apart today.

It’s A Cutthroat World Out There

Whether you are in a physical location only, or you have internet sales and customer service teams to manage, it’s all about how you present yourself. Today’s savvy consumer will quickly pass you by in favor of someone who appears to have the whole package—organization, an attractive physical presence and internet presence, and satisfactory products. How can you set yourself apart from the fierce competition that you face?

Below are some simple tips on setting yourself apart using the concept of interior design. How you organize and present your business to others does matter. Follow these simple tips for business building success!

1. Tell Your Story With A Unique Flair

Are you on the cutting edge of technology? Your business should present a clean, organized, minimalistic environment free from distractions. Do you offer artistic products and services that would benefit from a softer environment when customers come in to browse? Consider the image that you are trying to convey, and then set to creating the type of business environment that communicates your intention to your customers.

The way that you decorate your space says a lot about your business, what you offer, how organized you are and if you can help the client. Remember that interior design is very important for businesses that are selling homes and apartment buildings that are trying to rent out their apartments. Having a heavy-duty mattress can help with renting more units.

Is there a lot of light or is it dimly lit? This sets the ambiance of your workspace and lets people that come into your workspace know a little bit more about you and the company.

There is so much that can be said with just the quality of lighting in your workspace. A lot can also be said for how clean it is. Don’t let costumers not choose you because of an unappealing workspace.

2. Set Your Office Up To Maximize Productivity

Many people spend more time at work than they do at home; making your office a space that invites productivity and creativity makes it easier and more enjoyable to work. Happy employees make better products and provide better services, and they provide better customer service to prospective clients.

Proper lighting, flexible and comfortable workspaces, and attractive surroundings promote a healthier workplace and a more successful business. You might even consider a custom conference table to create an inviting space for meetings. Or perhaps consider adding an area for relaxation during breaks and lunches, where employees can feel rejuvenated during there meals.

3. Be Innovative

With today’s businesses, the sky is the limit with respect to how you design and manage your space. Did you know that innovative use of your space along with creative new design ideas can actually save on your operating costs, putting more back into your pocket? Why not replace those twenty-year-old bulbs with new, more efficient lighting?

Consider contracting out unused space to another business or independent contractor that you can make additional income from. Create a cafe feel that inspires customers to enter, look, lounge, and ultimately purchase from you because of the ambiance that you have created when setting up your space. At the same time, you’re saving money by creating an energy-efficient business.

4. Attract….And Keep….Quality Employees

Attractive office space not only appeals to customers, but to your employees as well. No one wants to spend 20-30 years in a cement hole with flypaper hanging from the ceiling under fluorescent lighting; spending time in that type of environment is downright draining.

Instead, try to create an oasis for employees and customers alike. Lush greenery, beautiful, open spaces, and natural lighting that inspires people to flock there. Varying color and texture in your spaces will draw the eye and create an atmosphere that allows for easy conversation and effortless relationship building, whether between employees or with customers. People will come to work in your space and stay because it feels comfortable and beautiful.

5. Create A Business That Is A Reflection Of You

You and your business are a reflection of each other. The image you are trying to convey will radiate through your workspace, and your brand needs to be consistent for the best business building. A cluttered office represents a disorganized business leader and substandard products. A clean, well-organized and beautiful space shows customers that you have your ducks in a row.

Extra touches of beauty and some time and attention placed on decor communicates that you will go the extra mile with your clients as well. Adding distinctive touches to your business brand will build a loyal customer base, for it sets you apart from your competition in ways that cause others to seek you out. You have a passion for all aspects of your business, and it shows.

A solid business plan includes the details—setting up some quality interior design elements when building your brand will benefit you, your employees, and your customers. Create beauty in everything you do, and watch those contracts come to you!

Don’t forget that this applies to the real estate industry, staging homes, renting out furnished apartments with comfortable mattresses, and keeping people comfortable. Do this to set your business apart.

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