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How To Prevent Mold In A Mattress

June 11, 2012
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How To Prevent Mold In A Mattress

As we learned in Part I of our 2 part series “Can Mold Grow In My Mattress” poor ventilation, high moisture levels, and darkness is the recipe for mold.  Today we learn How To Prevent Mold In A Mattress and we need to start by keeping the mattress dry, it is the major key to preventing mold proliferation in your bed. We believe it all starts with good breathable bedding and good mattress protection. Good waterproof mattress pads not only keep mattresses dry but keep moisture away from these giant sponges we call mattresses. Other ways to avoid mold in mattresses include not laying wet towels on the bed after showering. Don’t go to bed with a wet head, thoroughly dry your body and hair after a bath . If you have a bathroom off your bedroom make sure your bathroom door is kept closed and that it has a strong ventilation fan that can effectively pull moisture out of the bathroom keeping moisture and high humidity out of the bedroom. People with swimming pools and hot tubs should not lay wet swim suits on their mattress even for a moment. Our point is this, mattresses are built from fabric and foam and sitting wet items on beds is sure to introduce moisture and the beginnings of mold problems.  We all lose a lot of liquid when we sleep through the body’s natural cooling process called perspiration while we might not be able to control sweating, we can occasionally introduce our mattresses to protection such as the sun, a natural killer of mold spores and a great way to freshen up a mattress.

How To Prevent Mold In A Mattress How To Prevent Mold In A Mattress

How To Remove Mold From A Mattress

Start by vacuuming the mattress thoroughly and don’t forget the bottom side as well. Dispose of both the vacuum filter and bag when finished. With help carrying the mattress outside and place it on a clean dry surface like a piece of very clean cardboard, plastic, or a tarp. Expose the mattress to direct bright sunlight for maximum effectiveness. If your mattress has obvious mold stains wear protection like gloves and a mask for your health. It will help you to guard against mold spores that will become airborne during cleaning of your bed.   Light staining may be able to be cleaned with a commercial or light duty upholstery cleaner. If possible choose one that can effectively control heat and extract moisture. If you don’t have the budget for such a machine or enough money to pay a company to professionally clean your mattress.  Mixing equivalent amounts of warm water and isopropyl alcohol, the combination can be affective. Blotting with a sponge and moisture extraction via wet dry shop vac is a low budget solution that may save you from buying a new mattress. When you are finished make sure the mattress is placed in direct sunlight and dried completely before placing it back into the bedroom. A box fan and even a hair dryer can help speed up the drying process. At this point you don’t have much else to lose. Badly embedded mold that is deep down into the mattress and not just on the surface these methods are likely not to solve your problem. Unfortunately it may be time to purchase a new mattress.
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