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How To Choose Rubber Layers For An Organic Mattress

How To Choose the Correct Layers For An Organic Mattress

Selecting the correct mattress is an important and sometimes confusing process if you are to enjoy the very best rest possible. With over 16 years of experience successfully matching people with the right sleep system, feel confident in choosing a mattress with the assistance of our experienced customer service specialists. The firmness grades of innerspring mattresses are a one size fits all approach that cannot be changed. The firmness grades of customized latex mattresses are nearly endless as we will see and can easily be done in your own home in just a few minutes.


What Mattress Layers Are Available?

Choosing the correct organic mattress may sometimes seem like a confusing process but it is very important to achieve both a great night of sleep and the proper support. Each of our staff members has over 25 years experience helping people match up with their ideal sleep system. There are two main different types of mattress layers, Dunlop and Talalay. There are various levels of firmness to choose from including Dunlop Latex that is available in Firm, Medium, and Soft choices. Talalay Latex Rubber is another choice and it too is available in choice of Firm, Medium, and Soft layers. Layers may be purchased in a solid 1-piece sheet or split down the middle of the bed for custom comfort and support for each sleeper.

Professional advice: Choosing the right firmness and support

While our employees are not medical professionals our professional advice has been extremely helpful to our customers and people seeking mattress comfort and support  advice for  nearly 30 years. Our suggestions are based on customer feedback and advice from numerous medical professionals we have had the privilege to work with.While hardness or softness is subjective there are some general guidelines that both medical professionals and mattress professionals use to help fit the mattress to the body.

How Do You Sleep, On your Back, Side or Stomach?

Stomach and Back sleepers seem to be most comfortable on sleeping surfaces that are firmer and less giving like hard mattresses. People who favor sleeping on their side nearly always prefer a softer mattress. This allows the shoulders and hips greater comfort and support by sinking in and cushioning those protrusions for better spinal support. Remember mattresses don’t fix backs, doctors and chiropractors do when repair is possible. The correct mattress can reduce pain associated with a worn out or non-supportive mattress.

What does the foam rubber feel like?

Think of the rubber mixture like whipping egg whites. The more you whip them the airier they get. Talalay latex Rubber incorporates more air in softer layers and less in firmer layers. The finished product is nearly always described as having a texture similar to that of an Angel Food Cake.

Dunlop Latex rubber especially in the firm is much like the egg whites before being whipped up more like stirred up. A firm layer is denser with little air incorporated into it. Medium is whipped with additional air and soft Dunlop layers are the airiest of the choices.

What is the difference in the various firmness’s?
Our Support Scale:

(Similar to Pound Cake)

  • Soft Dunlop Latex = Firm Support
  • Medium Dunlop Latex = Firmer Support
  • Firm Dunlop Latex =Firmest Support

(Similar to Angel Food Cake) Equal firmness in Dunlop will have a slightly softer feel.

  • Soft Talalay Latex = Firm Support
  • Medium Talalay Latex = Firmer Support
  • Firm Talalay Latex = Firmest Support

Consider your sleeping position

 For The Back Sleeper:

Different size people often experience the same pain yet the same mattress rarely ever helps the identical issue. Pain is often related to pressure points. The most vulnerable points for pain (the  shoulders and hips/buttocks) often happens when they are only allowed to settle/sink slightly into the mattress surface leaving the lower back, neck, and behind the knees unsupported or comforted. So the following suggestions are often our recommendations. People of larger frame, weight, and body type tell us they like the firmest levels of support with just enough cushioning to minimize joint pain pressure. People of average size build and weight tell us they get the most relief from beds that offer softer to medium firmness as their mid level and surface support. Petites and lighter individuals rarely like the beds hard so soft to medium is most often the choice of this group. Most will agree that because pressure is more evenly distributed this is the preferred sleeping position recommended by professionals.

For The Side Sleeper:

Personally I fall into this category at 5ft 7in. and 170 pounds. Myself and many other people find pressure point issues with a smaller frame to average build achieve the most comfort and support from layers in the soft to medium firmness range.  I personally curl up putting a lot of pressure on my hips and shoulders, these firmness levels minimize this pressure greatly for me and many of my customers. For plus size sleepers a firm layer combination is suggested, be careful not to go to hard or your hips and shoulders will bring to your attention a firmness selection mistake. The good news is that many companies like STL Beds offer a 90 comfort layer reselection to remedy the mistake.

For The Stomach Sleeper:

I was once a stomach sleeper and for the most part have trained myself not to do this because of advice from many doctors and chiropractors. The consensus shared is that there are many negative affects in doing so. Never the less occasionally I still make the mistake and feel it the next day. For those of you who do sleep on your stomachs light weight smaller framed sleepers tell us soft to medium works best for them. Average build usually medium works with some even going as far as selecting firm. Heavier Stomach sleepers share they do best on Firm again we caution you not to select a surface that causes your back to arch. Many of our stomach sleeping customers complain that sinking to deep affects their neck alignment puts stress on their lower back causing  pain. Others have even gone so far to say that it affects their ease of breathing.

Need more help narrowing down your selection? Contact one of our Sleep Specialist Now!

Douglas Belleville

Doug Belleville and his father Dave own and run STLBeds - a specialty sleep store located in Arnold, MO. The staff at STLBeds is highly educated about sleep, comfort and their special sleep products. STLBeds only carries high quality mattresses and bed-related products. You won't find the brand names here - click here to find out why!

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