What To Do If You Have Problem With A Mattress Or Furniture Dealer?

What To Do If You Have Problem With A Mattress or Furniture Dealer?

July 9, 2010
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As frustrating as it may be bad things happen to good people. If you have purchased a mattress or furniture from a dealer and they have not fulfilled a written promise or obligation like:

  • Not refunding when promised the check aaais in the mail
  • Won’t fix something that is broken and under a warranty.
  • Will not replace or exchange something delivered to you damaged.
  • Something that was ordered and they keep putting you off.
  • Repeatedly not returning calls or keeping appointments for service.

The BBB Better Business Bureau has personally worked for me in two situations. One was a hot air balloon company I was trying to locate and shopping prices etc. and the other was while hunting for a mechanic to repair my boat.. In both cases the companies I had planned to do business with had terrible ratings with the BBB.  After doing more research I used two companies that had spotless records with the BBB.  I still do business with American Boat and Motor in St. Louis to this day because Bill gives great customer service. The Balloon ride was a one-time anniversary gift and my in laws had a great experience with the company.

Unfortunately the BBB are only as good as the information they get, so remember to contact the BBB because they can only share poor business practices and feedback if people report it.

Link to United States Attorney Generals States

Link to the Rip Off Report

Some people contact their local call to action news teams. This might be a little drastic in some instances but if all else fails and you believe you are in the right by all means call upon them. Just remember the business gets to tell their side too and there are a lot of people watching.

Remember none of these sources are guaranteed to resolve your issue but if you are having a problem getting your mattress complaint resolved these are good sources to look to in time of bad business practices by a mattress or furniture store.

You have fewer choices of what to do after you buy so remember an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Check out the dealers’ reputation before you buy not afterward. Know what you’re shopping for. We offered some great tips Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Buying a New Mattress and Five Huge Mistakes People Make While Buying a New Mattress

Compare apples to apples. Read reviews, blogs even check social media sites like Twitter and Facebook talking to people in your network of friends and followers.
Talk to friends and family.

Mattress shoppers can learn more about mattresses on What’s The Best Mattress an online mattress forum with lots of participation by people just like yourself.

Any additional Ideas would be appreciated. This will give people one convenient place to take in a great deal of information. Please feel free to post additional ideas or experiences that might be useful.