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How To Dispose Of Old Mattresses And Boxsprings In St. Louis

St. Louis mattress owners you have a few choices to help you get rid of your old box spring and mattress. You can throw it away, donate it, or even give it away or sell it, however at the time of this blog St. Louis and its surrounding areas do not offer a recycling program for old mattresses. If you know of a program please contact us and will post the information and update this blog.

  • Pay for disposal.
  • Donate it.
  • Give it away.

Disposing Of Mattresses Through Waste Disposal Or Trash Services.

Most trash services will haul away old mattresses and box springs for a nominal fee. They will then take it and properly dispose of the mattress for you, no matter what kind of shape it is in and usually require it to be sitting curbside for them to pick up. Not too long ago back on 7/31/08, I wrote a blog called Mattress Recycling – One St. Louis Area Company on a Mission.

While researching the blog, I sent out an email to several waste companies asking for information that they might share with our readers. “AKA their customers”. I had hoped that they would be of some help in assisting the readers on the best ways to properly dispose of mattresses in an environmentally friendly way. (Recycling Mattresses) I offered in return full credit to any waste disposal company free of charge free advertising via my web site.  I attempted to contact  (IESI, Allied Waste, Veolia. The only company that responded to my inquiry was Waste Management of St. Louis who helped with very good suggestions. So thank you to WM again for their help. However Waste Management of St. Louis did not have a recycling program for mattresses. They did offer some suggestions

St. Louis Here Are A Few Ways You Can Give Your Mattress Away.

  • St. Louis area phone books are loaded with churches. There is probably one near you who would be glad to help and individual or family in need of a clean mattress.
  • There are charitable organizations In The St. Louis Area That will accept clean used mattresses and box springs.
  • If you are looking to get a few dollars for your old used mattress and boxspring well here is your chance.

Craig’s List is a place where you can sell your old mattress set or purchase a used mattress and box spring in the St. Louis area. Craigslist St. Louis can also be a good way to help someone out who may not be able to afford a new mattress and boxspring. Craig’s List St. Louis has several places where an individual can post a classified ad for free as well. I would recommend listing under the “For Sale” or the heading “Free”, “Furniture”  “Household.”

If you are Looking for a free mattress or something specific like a brand name, or special size mattress in the St. Louis area post that listing under the “Wanted” category.

Riverfront Times Simply list your item under buy sell or trade. Simply post your mattress under “Furniture” or “Free”. If you are looking for something specific in your mattress purchase post under “Want-Trade” and list exactly what you are looking for.

Junk Man Or Companies Like Them Can Dispose Of Old Mattresses:

1-800-GOT-JUNK? Their advertisement says that they are a full-service junk removal company. They will haul nearly anything away including old furniture and mattresses. They will load and cleanup, anyplace the items are – and you don’t have to carry it yourself all the way to the curb. Cost is pretty steep to just haul a mattress away, but if you are like me you could probably find enough other junk to get rid of in addition to that old mattress to make it worthwhile.

Blog coming soon will offer ways to recycle your old mattress and box spring through reuse.

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