How long to get used to a new mattress?

How Long Does It Take To Get Used To A New Mattress?

March 27, 2012
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Did you just spend a lot of money on a new mattress with the hope that pain, aches, and discomfort will immediately decrease? You are not the only one, in fact, many often spend hundreds, sometimes thousands on a new mattress only to find it somewhat comfortable or (worst case scenario) miserable. This leads us to a few of the most asked questions we get:

How Long Does It Take To Get Used To New Mattresses?

Buying a new mattress can be a lot like dating. For example, falling head over heels in love with your mattress on the first night is the exception rather than the norm. In reality, most people will find their new mattress to be very comfortable within the first couple of nights. Experiencing true comfort, support, and relaxation takes time.

Personally, I use to do a lot of long-distance running, and let me tell you, not once have I ever thrown on a pair of shoes that I just bought and ran a marathon. The reason for this is because our feet need time to get used to new shoes in order to avoid discomfort and blisters. The same goes for mattresses.

Our minds are anxious and our expectations are high due to the fact that it’s different and new. This all plays a very big part in how we acclimate to our new bed. While some people take to their mattresses like ducks to water, a majority of mattress buyers (like new running shoes) need time to get used to their new mattress. You should expect to feel a bit uncomfortable for about 4-8 weeks as your body acclimates.

What Is An Adjustment Period?

Before you decide that your new mattress is failing you, keep in mind that there’s usually always an adjustment period. An adjustment period is a time it takes for mattress owners to adjust to their new sleep system. As previously stated, when your body gets used to a certain type of mattress, it takes time for it to adjust; especially if you’re used to sleeping on a much harder or softer mattress than the one you bought. After a full night’s sleep, some people actually report that they tossed and turned, found themselves waking up throughout the night, or even experienced moderate to severe soreness.

We know that this is not ideal, although if you’re able to endure a few uncomfortable nights, you may find yourself getting the best sleep you ever had! It really is true what they say: All great things come with time.

Quick Mattress Adjustment Tips

  1. Let it breathe. We know how tempting it is to want to dress up your new mattress in that luxurious new bedding set you just bought. Resist the temptation because it’s important to give your mattress a few hours to settle and get some oxygen flow.
  2. Exert some pressure. We advise lightly walking over your new mattress or gently massaging it with your hands in order to loosen it up. Although, don’t go overboard and let your kids jump all over it. It may be a blast for them, but it could result in a ruined mattress which is a disaster for you.
  3. Apply some heat. It’s a little-known secret that heat can help loosen up your mattress. You can use a heated blanket or a steamer if you own one. This is especially important for memory foam mattresses and is highly advised.

Why Am I Not Liking My New Mattress?

Sometimes the mattress buying consumer believes too quickly that they have selected the incorrect mattress and may consider returning it. We believe this is where consumers and sales associates really need to be careful. Giving up on a mattress too soon is bad for both mattress retailers and mattress buyers.

Mattress retailers incur unnecessary costs in addition to issues associated with used mattresses that only get passed down later to future mattress buyers in the way of overhead. Exchanging a mattress can also be bad for customers because they must begin the tedious process of trying to find a new mattress all over again. We’re not saying customers should sleep on mattresses they hate or that cause them pain; we simply want to make sure that you’re allowing yourself time to truly determine if the mattress you bought is right for you.

Giving up on a mattress too soon can often result in an unresolved exchange cycle. This means that you purchase a mattress, return it before you’ve given it a proper chance, and then search for a new one, just to do the exact same thing. In the end, the mattress sellers and buyers both become frustrated and often give up. Comfort guarantees and respectable dealers that work to remedy this bad situation are a must.

What If I Give My Mattress A Proper Chance, But Still End Up Unsatisfied?

Unfortunately, not all new mattress purchases have happy endings. In some cases, mattress buyers will take full advantage of the mattress retailer’s comfort guarantee and give their mattress a proper chance, yet still find that they’re unsatisfied.