Holiday Guests? Think About Your Bedding Supplies!

Holiday Guests? Think About Your Bedding Supplies!

November 27, 2014
In the Bedroompillowstoppers

This year, my son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren are coming from Texas for a week – I am thrilled! But it has also made me take stock of the sleeping arrangements, particularly the bedding that I have not assessed for the past few years.

Where Will They All Sleep?

First, I have to figure out sleeping arrangements, and that is a task in itself. I have one guest room, with a queen-sized bed, and, fortunately, I do have nice sheets for it. Unfortunately, the mattress is a bit “lumpy,” but I do not want to buy a new one. Instead, I will get a pillow-top topper – a lot cheaper than a new mattress, and it should give a decent night’s rest.

The two grandchildren will have to take the two couches – one in the living room and one in the den. Instead of buying new twin-bed sheets for the couches, I am thinking of something more permanent – something I’ll have for this and future visits that can be easily put away each morning. For these two, I have decided to get the “all-in-one” bedding packages – sort of like sleeping bags, but with built-in pillows and an easy “roll-up” for storing. And, they are fully washable, which makes me happy!

Blankets and Pillows

A quick assessment of my blanket situation left no doubt – the blankets I had were old, frayed and should have been discarded long ago. What I knew could be done was this: I could discard the large stack of blankets currently taking up space in my linen closet, and purchase, instead, a couple of thermal blankets – lightweight and taking up far less space! It was a perfect solution.

As I pulled pillows from closet shelves, I realized that they were old and lumpy – this would not do! Knowing that my son and daughter-in-law like firm, thick pillows, these had to be replaced! They quickly went into the trash, and good riddance! My mission was to find the perfect, firm pillows, and there were lot of options. I did not want the cheapest, and I also knew that my kids did not like down pillows, because they were too soft for their tastes. So I ultimately decided upon a moderately priced synthetic fiber that would not lose its shape and that would provide firmer support.

I Am Ready!

The necessary assessment of my bedding has actually forced me to modernize my bedding “repertoire.” Getting rid of all of the old bedding and replacing it with newer, less space-demanding products has been a needed “upgrade” in my home. The cost was not horrible, but now I can welcome overnight guests without being embarrassed about the bedding I am providing!