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Green Mattresses – Are People Getting The Message?

March 9, 2010
Green Living

Are Eco friendly mattresses important?

It may not seem essential to the average person and some people will go so far as to say why make changes in the way mattresses are made, it will only make them more expensive and won’t make a difference.

The idea that it is to late to change or make a new start is not a ridiculous one. For example people stop smoking, eat healthier; they even start exercising all in the name of a better healthier lifestyle because they know it is better than the alternative.

I’ll just say this, while everyone is fighting over green house gases, global warming or cooling what ever the heck it is this decade, there are real controllable health and environmental issues each of us can control in our little corner of this world. This decision affects every one of us, 1/3 of our life, and is every bit as important if not more than diet and exercise. What is it? The mattress you choose to sleep on.

I always respect people’s opinions and even opposition to green mattresses as long as they have based their decision on educational facts not just some predetermined biased against anything and everything green.

A sustainable mattress industry can make a difference.

· Mattresses can be made from all natural latex rubber.
· It’s sustainable, biodegradable, very durable, and most importantly comfortable.

· Latex rubber can be virtually no toxic chemicals.

· As it stands polyurethane foams are the prominent building component of mattresses. It is not durable, petroleum based, and loaded with potentially harmful chemicals.

· Mattress covers and padding can be made using cotton / organic cotton very sustainable and virtually no toxic chemicals.

· The fact is today most mattresses are filled with polyester fibers and covers are synthetic blends.

· Beds can be made with zippers so that parts and pieces can be replaced when worn. This will free up space from entire mattresses that are disposed of because of a bad cover or a bad layer of padding. Building a mattress in such a way also allows for customization or the mattresses’ feel.

· Today’s mattresses are not customizable and worse yet are basically considered throw aways and can take up nearly 25 cubic feet of landfill space. They don’t compost well because they are not made from biodegradable materials.

· Today’s beds can be made with natural fire retardants like wool / organic wool

· Mattresses built after July 1, 2007 must meet new federal fire standards for safety. The ironic thing is that they loaded the mattresses with potentially harmful chemicals and some are know to even include carcinogens. To get one without requires a doctor’s prescription stating chemical sensitivity issues.

· Foundations can be built using untreated lumber and fast growing hardwoods.

Most people are going through life without a clue as to what is happening to many of the things we buy everyday. This one in my opinion is worth educating yourself on. You can make a difference in your personal health and the health of the planet we all share. So my answer to the original question, yes through informational blogs like this one Mattress Manufacturers Going Green will work and as people learn the facts and the truths, they will also learn the alternatives ways to buy beds and that a healthy green Eco friendly mattress and mattress industry can one day be the norm.