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Green Mattress Standards Moving Forward

May 28, 2009
Green Living

This is a email we received at STLBeds we would like to share with you in relation to our April 2, 2009 blog.
Green Mattresses Standards Coming What Are They?

RE: Results of the first bedding/mattress industry “Green Initiative” meeting sponsored by the Specialty Sleep Association at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point, Bonita Springs , FL May 8, 2009

Dear Mattress Bedding Executive:

We wish to thank those who were able to attend the initial meeting of the “Green Initiative” sponsored by the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) as well as those who expressed support for this effort even though you may not have been able to attend (i.e. attending Interzum in Cologne, etc.).

We are particularly pleased by the appreciation expressed from so many leaders of the industry for our bringing this issue to center stage. It was gratifying to see such a diverse group of manufacturers, specialty companies, suppliers, boutique businesses and related consultants and service companies participate in this groundbreaking meeting.

There was a great spirit of unity and support for the purpose we outlined of building consensus around the way our industry defines “green.”

Next Steps

Whether you were able to attend the meeting or not, we hope you will benefit from the following overview of the proposed next steps for the industry.

· Define the scope of this effort. Attendees were asked to send follow up emails with a proposed mission statement or scope for the Green Initiative, as well as key consumer messages. While establishing consensus around the definitions of “green”, “natural”, “all natural” and “organic” was a primary driver and raison d’être for the industry meeting, the desire was also expressed to work toward an overall standard or rating system/certification program. Emails should be sent to [email protected] Based on these emails, a revised mission statement or scope will be developed for the next subsequent discussion.

· Set up working committees and board of governors. Initial discussion centered around creating one participating or “working” committee of several dozen interested companies—large and small and representative of our diverse industry to develop and execute a work plan. A smaller initial group—such as a board of governors—will also be formed to lead and administer this project. Over a half-dozen companies have already volunteered for this initial body.

· Develop a work plan, timeline, and budget. Once formed, the board of governors will develop a proposed work plan, timeline, budget and scope/mission statement. Subcommittees will then be formed from the working committee to establish consensus on terminology and primary topics that should be included in a working document or draft standard. Subcommittees have been suggested including: Definitions/Terminology (materials); Standards; Finance; Sustainability Processes/Factory Operations; and Compliance.

· Obtain financing. Discussion took place at the meeting around the need for a budget to be established and fundraising to take place to support this effort. Several companies immediately offered contributions ranging from $4,000 to tens of thousands of dollars. The SSA will nominate a Chairperson to lead the fundraising effort. Funds would go toward meetings and teleconference expenses, consultant and staff support for definitions/standards work, public relations, research and website development (for on-line bulletins, blogs, and discussions) if deemed necessary.

We would like to convene the first subsequent meeting of this working committee in June by teleconference or on-line Go-To-Meetings. Please use the form attached to indicate your ongoing interest in this effort.

Thank you once again for your interest in the Green Initiative. We are excited about the opportunity to continue moving the industry forward and demonstrate our commitment to delivering high value to consumers while considering and educating on environment impacts.

Sincerely yours,

Dale Read Tambra Jones

President Director


Download the Sleep Information Green Initiative Form