Check Out These Green Living Websites For St. Louis Residents

Check Out These Green Living Websites for St. Louis Residents

August 26, 2016
Green Living

Green living certainly isn’t a novel concept, though it seems more people are joining this movement with each passing year. Our modern world is shaped by technology, but sometimes technology has negative side affects that can decrease our quality of life. That’s one reason why so many people choose to eat organic foods instead of processed alternatives. But green living goes well beyond simple eating choices. If you live in the St. Louis area and are interested in green living, consider the following websites to help make better lifestyle choices.


STLBeds is a mattress and bedding provider that will help you live a greener life. Not only can they help improve the quality of your sleep with a high-quality mattress, they can even help you decrease the carbon footprint of your household. They offer organic mattress alternatives that are free from harsh toxins present in other mattresses as a result of the manufacturing process. In addition, latex mattresses won’t trap, absorb, or slowly release allergies and toxins over time like traditional mattresses will. We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, so it only makes sense to use a clean and healthy organic mattress. Not only do they offer natural and sustainable built beds but also the organic cotton and wool pillows, bedding, toppers, and sheets.  Did we mention they carry organic sofas and loves seats for the living spaces?

Urban Farm & Sustainable Environment Group

This group was founded 7 years ago in 2009, and they’ll help you connect with others who are interesting in urban farming and sustainable development and living. The idea is to create communities that are completely (or mostly) independent of outside factors like grocery stores to increase sustainable living.

Healthy Planet Magazine

This published print and online publication is perhaps one of the best local monthly print and online reads to assist individuals and families with making healthier living choices for their body, mind, and the health of our planet through sustainable product offerings. The publications sponsors and puts on a local expo called the Healthy Living Expo twice a year at Webster Groves Community Center since 1998. Advertisers and vendors within the publication do everything from health and wellness for the body to products for the home, and even energy saving ideas you probably didn’t even know existed.

Missouri Botanical Garden

This website is chock full of great information that will help you achieve a greener lifestyle. They’ll help you save energy and water, limit the amount of waste you produce, select products that aren’t toxic and dangerous to your health, and adopt a green lifestyle. Furthermore, they’ll help you improve energy efficiency around your home, which has two main benefits. In addition to significantly decreasing your carbon footprint, reducing your energy consumption will help you save significant amounts of money on electric bills over the course of a year. Everyday people can learn to raise organically grown foods, composting, and more. The idea is to love and experience nature in a Biodiverse City. People can make a difference with both big and small changes to their backyards, balconies, street-scapes, school yards, parking lots, even the places where our kids play. No matter what choices you make you can start with education from the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Final Thoughts

If you thought you were alone with regards to transitioning to a greener lifestyle, you couldn’t have been more wrong. The truth is that there are a lot of communities, events, and websites based in St. Louis that will help you live a cleaner, greener, and healthier life. You just have to reach out to them. Like to ad your Green Living Website to this list? It’s FREE. Contact Us.