Green Leader Certified By Sustainable Furnishing Council

Green Leader Certified by Sustainable Furnishing Council

November 18, 2010
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Salesman becomes St Louis’ First Green AP Certified in Eco-Friendly Home Furnishings and Design


One year ago Doug Belleville’s small 3-man business STL Beds became a member of a unique group called the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC). They are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and educating people inside and outside the furniture industry about earth friendly alternatives and choices. The SFC green furnishings group consists of industry suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and interior designers. Doug felt the need within his industry to reach out to his customers by helping them get a better understanding of why it’s important to support green furniture programs. Recently he completed an intensive course, the only one of its kind, which focuses on training industry leaders so that they can educate their customers in sustainability, eco friendly home furnishings, and design. Doug is the 1st in St. Louis, 2nd in the state of Missouri, and is one of only a handful of people across the nation to be certified as a Green Leader Accredited Professional  (Green AP) recognized by the SFC.

Why be Green Leader Certified?

Anything and everything green is certainly the buzz. Up until now most of the populace has taken few steps in the direction of green education. Doug took those steps and found a way to make a difference not only in his own life, but also in the lives of other people he comes into contact with everyday. He says “often times the consumer knows very little about green initiatives. They do the best they can, purchasing organic food, recycling aluminum cans, and possibly even participating in a local recycling program. As they should most say they feel good about what they’re doing, yet more often than not these same people are not always sure how or if they are really making a difference. While each of the aforementioned are important steps to saving the earth, it’s also important to recognize every little thing we do can makes a difference in either a positive or a negative way . The first step is recognizing personal responsibilities like what kind of individual impact each of us have on the environment in which we all live.”

What Doug and His Company are Doing to be Green

For nearly 4 years Doug has researched sustainable green home furnishing and has put in a plan to educate others in sustainable furnishings as well. Not only by becoming the first Green AP certified furnishing salesman in St Louis, but he has put his money where his mouth is and expanded his company product selection to include no toxic chemicals, organic mattresses and various other environmentally safe products. He is one of the first to actually deal with issues of biodegradable mattresses. Doug says “Mattress recycling is virtually non existent curbside in St. Louis and it is a huge undertaking to try and budge a waste disposal system that is virtually entrenched in the old habits of simple throwing mattresses away. Costs of disposal will only get higher as landfill space becomes scarcer. That’s why three years ago we chose to offer consumers new cutting edge product choices that utilize recyclable materials, biodegradable, and sustainable parts saving up to 25 cubic feet of landfill space.” He believes buying recyclable products, no toxic chemicals organic foods, and sustainable goods can make a real difference – and that people must continue to do that.

Doug saw the waste in his industry and has made a switch to try to do more business with companies that practice sustainability – such as companies that make use of earth friendly growing methods, source their raw materials legally and properly, and make a difference in indoor air quality.