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Future of Organic Bedding

December 17, 2011
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Future of Organic Bedding

Transcription of video conversation about the Future of Organic Bedding

L: Do you think for the next generations, organic materials in their beds in their clothing in their products in their toys, do you think that will be the default, in the next generation it won’t be something you seek out with a specialized kind of weariness it will be that’s the way we make things the way we consume things.

N: To be a common standard of living, lets hope that it goes that way, and I do think it will go that way and unfortunately I believe were not going to have the choice as much and that’s fine I think the answers to our issues.

N: I mean if we were all raising sheep, I mean wool’s been around since even before the bible, there’s a reason why it keeps being there and, there again.

N: We have the means sort of like the energy questions, in bedding we have the means and you and Savvy Rest is the forefront of making sure this happens.

N: We have the means to grow the fibers we need to grow the fibers we need without harming the sheep or the earth, The sheep have one of the less impacts on earth as far as body weight and what it eats, the wool is also a byproduct of that process; Wool is a byproduct of a growing activity that is harmless to the earth and very ancient, and people know that wool needs to be shed in order for the sheep to grow more wool it’s very harmful for the sheep to keep growing that wool.

L: What do you think is the future for organic wool, we’ve noticed that our interest in our products is growing and it even has stayed steady in economic ups and downs people are expressing more and more interest in organic mattresses and wool products but it’s not mainstream.

N: I do think that it will continue to evolve I think we are just seeing the beginning of it, one thing about the green trend is that we sort of use this one out of necessity the fact that it’s more expensive is due to supply and demand if the the growth is the the supply is there which is great we can bring some of the history back to the united states the last thing I see is the market trend going into other markets and other ends of the spectrum, and it’s sort of in the upper class among buyers where as organic is a luxury item

N: Also I want to see us produce products for the people who couldn’t necessarily afford it because lets face it where do people spend more than eight hours a day at night, it’s really a sanctuary.