Furnishing Your Guest Bedroom

Furnishing Your Guest Bedroom

November 11, 2013
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There’s an old saying that unwanted guests are like fish; they stink after three days. However, when someone you’ve invited arrives at the door, you want them to be there, to feel comfortable. Dare I say it? To feel at home.

Welcome, May I Show You to Your Room?

After a warm greeting, it’s time to show them to the guest bedroom. In order for them to have a pleasant experience, it’s necessary for the homeowner to do a little prep work beforehand. After the invitation and before the guest arrives, consider furnishing your guest bedroom properly.  Put yourself in the visitor’s shoes. Give the guest room a critical eye, and make changes and additions as needed.

It’s Called the Hospitality Industry for a Reason

Guest BedroomOne reason that hotels do such a brisk business is that they anticipate the needs of their guests before the guests know they need anything. Do the same for your visitor. Figure out what’s missing by being a guest in your own house.

Guest bedrooms should all start with start with a comfy supportive mattress. Remember they don’t have to be expensive to feel good and in most cases this mattress will only be used a few times a year, so the same durability you might shop for in your personal mattress typically isn’t necessary saving you money. When making the bed don’t forget soft clean fresh sheets and blankets each and every time they are a must. No one wants to sleep in a used bed.

Every guest bedroom should include extra blankets. No two people will feel heat or cold exactly the same. If the temperature is perfect for you, it might be freezing to your guest. Extra blankets are a simple touch that can make a comforting difference.

A space in the closet to hang clothing, and an empty drawer or two so your guest doesn’t have to live out of a suitcase lends to a homier atmosphere. If neither of those is available, then a place to put the suitcase other than the floor is welcomed. A folding suitcase stand can easily be stored when no one is visiting.

A nightlight is another small gesture that can save your guest some stubbed toes should he or she need to wander in the night. Finding the bathroom in a strange house in the dark can be dangerous. The nightlight will solve that problem.

Providing a television for the guest is a hotel basic. Do you have one in your guest bedroom? Many people like to watch the television before falling asleep. Others use it to catch up on the news or for background noise. Whatever the reason for watching, it’s nice to provide that option for visitors.

Equip the nightstand with the basics. Make certain there’s a box of tissues, a reading lamp, and an alarm clock on the nightstand. If there’s a television in the room, the nightstand is where you should place the remote. Make sure it has good batteries before putting it there.

Some Finishing Touches for Furnishing Your Guest Room

If there’s no ceiling fan, a small desktop fan is an option. If there’s an on-suite bathroom, stock it with extra toilet paper, towels, and toiletries. Who hasn’t forgotten their toothbrush or the hair conditioner at least once? Bottled water and an internet connection are added bonuses that are quickly becoming essentials.

Possibly the best part of the guest bedroom is that it provides a private space for your guest to relax and revitalize so that later, both of you can enjoy the visit all that much more.