Feng Shui In Your Bedroom Part Ii – Positioning Your Bed

Feng Shui in Your Bedroom Part II – Positioning Your Bed

April 14, 2014
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Last week in Feng Shui in Your Bedroom Part I, we explained how important a quality mattress is to the feng shui in your bedroom. To support your personal energy, your bed must maintain the feng shui energy of love and healing. While a bed with a quality mattress, solid headboard and appropriate height is important to the feng shui of your bedroom, bed placement also plays a role. Depending on your bedroom’s layout, this is where you may encounter some challenges when it comes to accomplishing good feng shui.

AnnWisniewski_bedroomcontemporary_lgWhether you live in a studio apartment or a small house, it’s a good idea to position your bed away from walls that have electric appliances on either side. The less electrical appliances in your bedroom, the closer you are to achieving more positive chi and good feng shui. Completely eliminating electronic devices is ideal with some feng shui extremists going so far as to switching their electrical alarm clocks for battery operated ones instead. A well-positioned bed has a good supporting wall behind it. You can establish grounding and balanced energy on both sides of the bed with nightstands. You should avoid positioning your bed near any sharp angles that are projected from walls or furniture corners, pointing at you while you sleep.

Achieving good feng shui in your bedroom means you’ve placed the bed in its feng shui commanding position. This is the area farthest from the door or diagonally from the door but not in line with the door. While you should be able to see the bedroom’s door from the bed, you don’t want your bed aligned with the door. Some master bedrooms are literally suites with balcony doors or patio doors on one wall, a bathroom door on a second wall and a walk-in closet on a third wall. In such a challenging space place the bed according to your best or lucky feng shui direction.

Before feng shui experts begin arranging furniture in a room they listen to the room, taking in its shape, size and attributes in an attempt to face the bed according to the owner’s best feng shui directions. This is determined by calculating your kua number. For females your kua number is calculated by adding the last two numbers of your year of birth together to make it a single digit. So if you were born in 1998, take 9 + 8 to get 17 and then make that number a single digit number by adding 1 + 7 to get 8. Now add 5 to 8 to get 13 and make this a single digit by adding 1 + 3. Your kua number is 4 and your best direction to face your bed for love and healing is southeast. If you are a male, add the last two numbers of your year of birth and bring it to a single digit. Then deduct your single digit from the number 10. This is your kua number. There are a variety of Lucky Feng Shui Directions Charts online to help you determine your best feng shui direction.

While it’s important to try to face your lucky feng shui direction, you should avoid placing your bed in a corner or at an angle in the pursuit of accomplishing this task. Feng shui should be approached logically and practically. Even if you can’t have your bed facing your best feng shui directions, you can face this direction in other places throughout the day like when you are at work, as you watch TV or as you eat meals in your kitchen. You can find solutions to nearly everything in feng shui when you are creative and smart.