Feng Shui Challenges And Solutions In Your Bedroom Part I

Feng Shui Challenges and Solutions in Your Bedroom Part I

March 17, 2014
In the Bedroom

Last week we explained applying feng shui principles when it comes to positioning your bed in your bedroom. Now that you’ve invested in a good mattress, it’s time to make the most of your new bed and bedroom. Few bedrooms have perfect feng shui and there aren’t many homeowners today who are lucky enough to have designed and built their homes with feng shui in mind. This is why many homeowners face challenges while trying to create good feng shui bedrooms. This week we address the challenges you might encounter in a modern bedroom and the best feng shui solutions for the ideal feng shui bedroom you deserve.

Feng-Shui-PracticesOne of the most common feng shui bedroom challenges is a mirror facing the bed. Mirrors bring the energy of water that attracts the energy of sorrow. If it’s a free standing mirror you can move it to a different location in the room. But mirrored closet doors present another challenge. One solution is to cover the mirrors with curtains or draperies in the same manner you would with a window, closing the curtains at night. For mirrors built into furniture simply angle the mirror in a different direction. You can also place a floral arrangement or books in front of the mirror. The key to mirrors in bedrooms is balance and moderation. You should avoid over-sized mirrors and mirrors on headboards are a definite no-no.

Modern bedrooms are full of doors, whether it’s a door to the room itself or to a balcony/patio, a closet door or a door to an ensuite bathroom and it may seem next to impossible to avoid placing your bed in line with a door. But according to traditional Chinese feng shui school masters, a bed in line with a door resembles a coffin to be taken away feet first. Also, with your feet in line with the door you’re losing your energy at night because it is not properly contained. But if you can’t avoid positioning your bed in line with a door, make sure you have a solid and high headboard and footboard. You could also place an upholstered bench at the foot of your bed or a small shelving unit with a solid back.

Another feng shui challenge is beams, ceiling fans or chandeliers above your bed. If you have a heavy beam in your bedroom it is best to move the bed away from the beam. If you are renting your home and cannot move such permanently attached fixtures then your best bet is to paint the beams a light color, ideally white to match the ceiling. But if this is impossible then create a canopy with a natural fabric like linen to protect your health and your relationship from heavy energies. Chandeliers and ceiling fans should hang further away from your headboard.

Sharp angles from nearby nightstands, chest of drawers or from a sharp wall corner are also a challenge. You’ll want to neutralize the sharp energy (sha chi) aiming at your bed as soon as possible. Sha Chi or feng shui poison arrows actually weaken your energy rather than promoting good health and well-being. You’ll want to lie in your bed and identify all the items in your bedroom that have sharp corners that point at you while you are in bed. And don’t stop after you’re done inspecting your furniture. You’ll also want to look at knick knacks and the walls. Repositioning your furniture may be sufficient but you may also need to reposition your bedroom art or décor as well. If you have a protruding wall corner or a piece of furniture that can’t be moved, a plant is a good way to soften sharp energy.

Next week in Feng Shui Challenges and Solutions in Your Bedroom Part II, we’ll address the challenges and solutions for beds under windows, under a sloped ceiling, beds with access on only one side and beds close to the bedroom door.