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How Does a New Mattress Break In?

February 19, 2010
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Breaking in a new mattress?

There are a couple different points of view concerning this question and both make very good cases for whether or not there is a break in period or not for a mattress. The mattress industry says the mattress is conforming to your body’s shape and mattress buyers disagree saying that comfort layers are failing causing severe discomfort and sagging.


Does a mattress really break in?

The mattress industry says yes, in the same way a brand new pair of new shoes has to break in the same is true for a new mattress. The mattress industry generally says it will conform to each person’s specific body shape “over time” as we use it. Since most of us sleep in the basically the same location in our mattress each night, a little bit of compression from the materials used to built the mattress will occur in a comfort system.

Is the breaking in of a mattress really sagging?

Many consumers agree a certain level of compression is going to take place but where most people disagree with the mattress industry’s position is how quickly and how significantly these so called “comfort layers” compress.

Mattress buyers often complain that the body compressions, body indentations, or body impressions are an all out failure caused by cheap materials such as polyester fiber and multiple layers of low grade polyurethane foam. These unsatisfied mattress buyers say the “breaking in” is not creating comfort; rather the opposite affect is happening causing severe discomfort. The discomfort comes from sleeping in a mattress that has ridges, holes, peaks, valleys and just all out sagging going on. Not to mention they look horrible.

What do I think about mattresses breaking in?

I think customers are correct. Mattresses are failing too quickly. It is my feeling mattresses don’t simply break in with use rather they wear out to quickly from cheap materials. Polyurethane foam, coil springs, or both can and do fatigue and fail, though in my opinion coil springs are not the issue.

So what can I do about a sagging mattress?

If you are having problems with your mattress sagging discuss with the retailer or the manufacturer from where you purchased your bed. If you don’t, the issues of sagging failing mattresses will never be resolved. Push the issue and push for replacement of your mattress if it is failing prematurely. Then and only then with enough negative complaints will the industry be forced to respond by building mattresses with better longer lasting comfort layers.