Does Anyone Clean & Sanitize Mattresses In St. Louis Mo?

Does Anyone Clean & Sanitize Mattresses In St. Louis MO?

December 21, 2008
Healthy Sleep

Who will clean a Mattress and boxspring in Saint Louis Missouri?  That is a very good question with a somewhat surprising answer. I do not think so. After I Googled it, local search results came up virtually empty and there were a couple national searches, however I did not explore them.

As a thinker and a businessman I constantly try to better understand my customers and by thinking like they think. Knowing that most mattress shoppers already believe that mattresses and boxsprings are priced too high. Many people opt out of buying a new set. I wandered about their decision to put off such an expensive purchase what might they do instead.

1-13-2009mattressBuying a slightly used mattress was one answer I came up with or continuing to use their existing mattress was another. I then wandered if a mattress could be cleaned if so what a reasonable cost might be. I thought that I would be willing to pay less than $100.00, and if I could do that purchasing slightly used or keeping my old mattress would make both choices feasible.

Lastly, knowing how health conscious people are today and their concerns with allergies and asthma which I know both are on the increase, I wandered if the used mattress buyer realized that sleeping on an unclean unsanitary mattress may not the best or healthiest choice night after night?

Slightly used or older mattresses can involve many secondary issues including dust mites live and dead, their feces, dead skin, perspiration, body oils and drool. I won’t even get into the other nasty things found in mattresses. This is why Missouri does not allow the selling of used mattresses with out the proper mattress cleaning and sanitation or the appropriate licensing permits and tags. This law doesn’t stop the average person from selling their mattress or giving it to someone through a charity or even other avenues like Craig List who are not required to comply with such laws.

I know an awful lot of mattresses are changing hands out there that are used but are these mattresses being cleaned and properly sanitized either by the seller or the buyer? I think the answer is no.

If you are in the mattress cleaning business and are looking for potential customers contact STL Beds or call 636-296-8540. Since I know this is being done anyway I would like to offer those people the company names of mattress cleaning services. After all a clean sanitary mattress is a healthy mattress.