What Is A Bed Frame

Do I Need A Bed Frame with Center Support?

Some mattresses and boxspring sets need center support  added to a bed frame in order to validate the warranty, while others do not. This blog will help you determine whether or not you should use center support on your mattress and box spring. So lets answer the question:

Do I Need A Bed Frame with Center Support?

Center Supports add necessary support for the boxspring and mattress. Queen center support can be added to an existing frame that does not have it. If you are buying a new queen frame and will be using the bed daily make sure that it includes a cross bar with at least one foot.

King and California King  bed frames usually have center support that runs head to foot due to the wider frame. These frames with extra support and feet down the middle are a must. Most mattress manufacturers require the use of a center support for their queen, king, and California King size mattress sets or the warranties will be considered void. You can verify this by reading your warranty card, calling the manufacturer, or mattress retailer.

Should You Use Frames Or Boxsprings?

There are cross bars with extra support avialable for full size frames, but they are not required by mattress manufacturers. Often the reason twin and full size bed frames do not come with a center support bar is because they are not necessary. If you feel you need the extra support because of above average weight on the bed or an active child or teenager we would suggest a more heavy duty frame, a center support may not be enough.

Complete bed frames with center support

Everyone from local mattress and furnitures stores to online retailers offer complete twin, full, queen, king, and California King frames with center supports. If you are looking for long life out of your bed frame and mattress set our suggestion is to get the proper size frame with center support.

If have a bed frame can I just add the center support bar?

Do I Need A Bed Frame With Center Support?Yes most frames can have a middle brace or bar added to them for relatively low cost. Our FCS001 from WSilver is a steel cross support with 2 legs and 2 adjustable feet, which give the mattress set needed stability. This stability is given where boxsprings are most vulnerable in the middle. Extra center support is even more important if you have a king or queen split boxsprings. Having the proper middle support can prevent sagging, bowing. They can also prevent cracking in boxsprings, wooden headboards, and side rails.

Important NOTE:

Some mattress retailers offer a less expensive bed frames for free with a mattress set purchase; many times these do not have adequate center support. Be sure to upgrade the frame see to it that the store gives you one with center support. If they will not, offer to pay the difference and upgrade to one that does. Most of these center supports are very easy to assemble and usually cost $30.00 to $80.00.

Waterbed owners, center supports are also available for waterbeds for a little extra cost contact us with questions.