Differences Between The 62cs And The 63 Cs Wb

Differences Between The 62CS And The 63 CS WB

January 17, 2013
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Shopping The 62CS And The 63 CS WB Bed Frames

Perhaps you’re shopping for a new metal bed frame for a queen size headboard footboard. In your search you located 2 of the most unique steel frame designs sold the 62 CS and the 63 CS WB. Both are made by Glideaway, both hook into a wood headboard and footboard, but there are some major differences between these 2 steel queen size bed frames.

The two different bed frames similarities

Differences Between The 62cs And The 63 Cs Wb

Each bed frame has the ability to replace wooden side rails that traditionally hook in at the head and foot of the side rails. At both ends of the rails is the queen size headboard and footboard which should have a vertical slot where the rails are able to hook into place.  They engage by hooking in and over 2 horizontal metal pins built into the legs of the wood bed headboard and footboard. If too much weight is applied to these connections it can cause the legs of the bed to split out ruining a headboard or footboard.

In the old days our parents and grandparents beds had wooden sides that supported wooden slats that rested on a lip about ¾ of an inch and screwed into place. The wooden slats they used rarely if ever had feet in the middle of them which offers additional needed support. Because of the lack of middle support  nearly all of the weight is concentrated on to the wooden side rails ultimately resulting in failure. Glideaway frame manufacturing came up with a unique solution to this problem. They built the 62CS, a frame that could get the job done for average size people under normal usage conditions , plus size people, perhaps they just wanted a stronger frame, or the greatest need of them all heavier beds uch as soft side waterbed.

Are there real differences between the 62 CS and the 63 CS WB?

  1. The 63 CS WB has 9 legs. The 62 CS has 2 legs.
  2. The 63 CS WB has 3 bars that span the width of the side rails and the 62 CS has 1 Cross support bar.
  3. The 62 CS is designed to use under normal conditions. An example would be an adult couple of average weight and size.
  4. The 9 leg frame is able to support weight that the 3 leg 62 CS frame cannot: example softside waterbed, or plus sized people. The 63 CS WB is a perfect solution for people who simply just want a super strong bed frame.
  5. 1 ½ angle iron frame construction for 63 CS WB less flexible design for structural integrity. The 62 CS uses rolled steel side rails that fit more beds   Similarities between the 62 CS and the 63 CS WB

    Differences Between The 62cs And The 63 Cs Wb Shop the 63CS WB

Easy to assemble

  1. Both utilize heavy duty steel side rails that hook into a wood headboard and footboard.
  2. Attaches to wooden queen sized beds with headboards and footboards with vertical slots
  3. Includes center support bar or numerous bars with feet to properly distribute weight more evenly and minimize weight that could damage wood beds with wooden slats and no feet.
  4. Both frames either meet or exceed the warranty support need for any queen size mattress set from any mattress manufacturer
  5. Adjustment height of support legs 8″ to 11”
  6. Heavy duty large pad feet for better weight distribution